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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450M Pro4
  • RAM
    16GB (2x 8192MB) G.Skill Aegis DDR4-3000
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon RX Vega11 Graphics
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 1909
  1. Me too. And the slider to choose system usage should be more precise. I got the feeling it does not really fit to the specs
  2. Could be an idea, but unfortunately I havent got enough time to do that...
  3. Maybe... After the few weeks of a heavy increase of supporters I hope they do improve the client.
  4. Okay your 5700 will be far better, I am using RX Vega11, so the difference is not that big between cpu and gpu
  5. But folding for crap points is still better than nothing;) Which gpu do you have ?
  6. Now after I checked 8min later I could see a small change. The cpu usage in task manager fits to number of threads I selected. How many threads do you use actually and how high is your temperature then ?
  7. Hello, after a few days running folding@home, I tried to find the best settings for my system. I changed the running cpu threads from 1 to 7 and in between, and estimated time until the WU is solved does not change. It made absolutely no difference running at 20% cpu speed or 80%speed. Is that normal ? Had someone the same experience ? AMD Ryzen5 3400G with Radeon Vega 11, ASRock B450M Pro4, W10, FAH Client 7.5.1