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  1. So I've got an Asus FX553VE Notebook as my daily driver and I noticed something about how it uses the hardware it is born with (while I was checking photos in an editing software because color depth was way off), and it turns out that it doesn't use the GPU it is built with. It is instead using the integrated GPU chipset on the CPU which turns out disabling it is impossible without complications. The normal GPU does not take over the disabled driver despite everything being up-to-date, and the graphics section in bios are greyed out except for something called 'DVMT Pr
  2. True but it's unlikely i'm going to work with 8K footage within the next couple of years, so i'm fine with last year technology as long it is powerful enough to smoothly endure 4K rendering. Never had NVMe storage before so i don't know how stable it is, but the suggestion seems logic About the motherboard i literally just googled "what motherboard works best with Ryzen 9 3900x" and the one on the list popped up. I'll take a look on the other cheaper options if it works just fine with the cpu etc. Been with intel CPU's since my first PC. Yeah i thought about a Seagate drive or WD Bla
  3. My budget in DKK would be 15.000 BUT it is flexible and can be stretched to around 20.000 Adobe premiere and occasionally Davinci Resolve which has a bit of being resource heavy because of the fancy UI and not so great coding.
  4. Sadly i would not be able to go for the 3950x and the 2080 super since these two pc parts alone could easily break my budget where i live (the country with high taxes and overpriced tech) if I want everything on the list -.-'
  5. So i plan to build a media platform capable of 4K video editing without any major hiccups and possibly music production for use around 2021, and i just wanna make sure there isn't any flaws in the choice of components to the planned build since it will be my 2nd pc build. It is for professional use and i'm upgrading since my current PC has become a bit 'Jack of all trades' type of thing, and i need a workstation that will keep being a workstation and not a place for entertainment. I live in Denmark so the price for parts are fairly expensive so i'm relying on sales a little bit, but i a