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    K57 Rgb wireless
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    Ironclaw Rgb wireless W mm350 Mosemat
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    Win 10
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    Inspiron 15 7000 2in1 W I71165g7 and Iris XE Max

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  1. Maybe consider The ironclaw Rgb wireless Great mouse , wireless , Good sensor and i nerver had problems with it.
  2. got my virtuoso a few weeks ago and i really love them
  3. No problem we arent that good either its also 102% just for fun
  4. maybe try an different pcie port closer to the cpu and check if The 1060 is showing up in device manager if yes Try disabling your mx150 Edit: i think You have to use an external monitor if you want to use the 1060
  5. Hello , A friend and I are looking for some guys to start a little Racing Championship (probably GTE´s) online . Just leave a Comment if you are interrested .