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  1. Exactly, fast boot skips some checks and device drivers in order to boot. In most cases it's not a big deal, but helps in boot speed. I'm not complaining about my build. I want to build another one, but with focus on boot speed. I think that i5-9400 (iGPU) + Asrock B365M PRO4 (Intel LAN) + some NVME or optane could be fast to boot. But I don't know...
  2. I have to build PC that is ready to work immediately. So... question is simple: what's the fastest booting motherboard? I'm familiar with the "old" Asrock motherboard: B75M Pro3-M, which total boot (from button press to desktop) to Windows 8.1 (kernel session hibernation was on) took about 8 seconds with Crucial M4 SSD and iGPU. This was some time ago. Is it anything faster or similar to that time now? My own X570 Aorus Elite takes more than 20 seconds to do that, regardless of the faster NVME SSD and much more faster CPU. I know, comparison isn't fair, curren