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Maurice from Madagascar

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About Maurice from Madagascar

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  • Birthday Jun 11, 2000

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    Maurice | psucultists#6054

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    Netherlands; Germany
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    Straight outta Madagascar


  • CPU
    Intel® Core™ i9-10920X
  • Motherboard
    EVGA x299 Dark
  • RAM
    4 x 8 GB Team Group Dark Pro (3200mhz; cl14)
  • GPU
    2 x XFX Radeon VII
  • Case
    Lian-LI PC-O11D XL
  • Storage
    2 TB EX950; 2 x 1 TB MX500
  • PSU
    HCP-1000 Platinum - Antec
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  • Laptop
    13 inch MacBook Pro

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  1. Instructions unclear, put the new 12 pin in my cat.
  2. Considering that the 1650 non super doesnt have turing nvenc encoding i see a big oof in that card for streaming
  3. > wouldnt be looking to upgrade any time soon, Im expecting this to last about 3-5 years. Hm with the slowly rising interest in atx12vo im not too sure about how fast motherboards and psus will change. https://skinflint.co.uk/be-quiet-straight-power-11-550w-atx-2-4-bn281-a1753710.html https://skinflint.co.uk/be-quiet-straight-power-11-650w-atx-2-4-bn282-a1753714.html the 550w for 90 is an instant grab if you ask me. this is priced rly decent in UK.
  4. Hey, yes the max wattage of 550w is totally fine for your system
  5. the others such as gx or px are fine but too expensive
  6. Seasonic Focus plus is a joke of a psu. problems with high transient gpus due to bad protection implementation, annoying fan due to bad temps & seasonic lying about temps.
  7. 12v1 25a - atx 24pin + sata 12v2 25a - cpu 12v3 30a - gpu 1 12v4 30a - gpu 2 The Revolution D.F. (or other CWT GPU platforms) is just such a great psu for its price
  8. the 650w has 2 rails dedicated for gpu cables. both have a max capacity of 30a, means 360w. just use one cable on each rail and you'll have no problem what so ever even if using 2 8 pin connectors of one rail.
  9. We linked reviews for most psus in the spreadsheet attached to the psu tier list 14.3 thread, just look at some about the CWT GPU platforms that someone mentioned ealier. Whisper M, DQ-M v1 & Revolution D.F. Pretty much my favorite recommendation due to its price and great performance