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  1. Thanks for the reply, i am a bit apprehensive about messing with the BIOS, but perhaps it is the only choice. Just seems weird to me, why a bios update would effect the HDD.
  2. Hello everyone Info- Laptop Model: Asus ROG Scar II, GL504GS. OS: Windows 10 home (64bit) BIOS Version: GL504GS.308 Disks: (C:) 256 SSD, (D:) 1 TB HDD Problem- Yesterday windows prompted an update, when i shut down my laptop. The update started, and apparently was a BIOS update (Did not know windows update could force that). The update completes successfully, and restarts, then boots to windows. I quickly realize that the HDD (D:) is missing in windows, and only the (C:) SSD is showing. The HDD is not showing up in device manager, and it is not