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  1. I am from the USA though. The link is the result of amazon pulling the 2020 G9 version. The 2020 G9 is not available on amazon in the usa at this time and for the foreseeable immediate future.
  2. I do not know if this was intentional or not so I will assume it was a mistake. The amazon link in your youtube channel for the most recent non sponsored review of the G9 leads to the 2019 G9 version not the 2020 version while the whole video is talking about the 2020 version.
  3. Not sure if this is better put in another topic but based on what I am seeing not every game gets the full benefit of 444, 10 bit color at a high refresh rate. From my playtime with Black Desert Online, Final Fantasy 14 and Overwatch I can see differences in how the screen ground texture of grain, rocks and just flooring in general responds to my movement. Specifically When I am moving and I look at the ground/move the cursor view around and facing the ground to notice the change in rocks/texture/grain the computer shows me a fuzzy image until I stop moving. I thought it was just one
  4. So i checked and the biggest usage change was when I ran a program with dedicated use of this card. I loaded up world of warcraft on my 1080 and black desert online on my 2080 ti. I was able to run both with decent refresh rates considering the load. I had a steady 65 fps in a main city in wow and around 110 with upscale in bdo/ 80 without upscale. If I didnt manually change the program to work on the 1080 the default 2080ti gpu was chosen.
  5. I think ill try it tonight. Basically just go to display settings, graphics settings and then where it has Graphics Performance preference you could pick which application would use which graphics card.
  6. It wouldnt be for a second monitor. It would solely be to offload chrome and other applications from using the resources of the main card. Or perhaps to even run another game at the same time in the background. Running one game in one card and another in the other.
  7. So I already know that if you use two mismatched gpus it wont help you render games any faster. But if I install another graphics card and then set my non gaming programs no use that card, will that offload enough from the cpu integrated graphics and the main gpu high performance graphics to consider using a last gen card for applications like discord, chrome/browsers, and really any program that uses video card power that in excess might produce a positive result. I dont know if I should try this with my 2080ti and 1080 with a 750w power supply. I would use the windows fea
  8. This was my concern with high hdr monitors. Linus loves to say hdr is great and all but that brightness hurts my eyes and feels like they are bleeding. Especially in low light settings. All that hdr is not healthy.
  9. Probably any experience that people have with using hdr monitors in various brightness levels from 400-1000 in low light settings. To get an opinion to see if one monitor versus the other has less strain on the eyes in proportion to image quality with high refresh rates at 1440-1600p in ultra wide monitors. However any smaller monitor can probably also help in the comparison. Hope that makes sense. Ty!
  10. I know Linus usually does all his tests with the lights on and compares hdr brightness among the monitors but I am wondering if any of the reviews would be different if we were looking for something else. Specifically gaming in a low or no light setting as is usually my preference. I am comparing the upcoming Samsung Odyssey G7/9 to last years 38GL950G: 38 UltraGear Gaming Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC. I think I would prefer the lower brightness level of the LG but I am wondering if anyone has experience with high hdr monitors in low light settings that can give an opinion here.
  11. Cool. Thats what I was wondering. Thanks for answering.
  12. That is what I am thinking also. I am just not sure if there is a motherboard optimized for mmos.
  13. Intel core i7-7700 cpu @ 3.6 ghz 48 gigs of ram 64 bit Windows 10 motherboard Alienware 07HV66 A00 NVMe PC300 256 Gigs (i have an ssd for other games) please let me know what else I should mention