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  1. Hello there, I'm thinking of buying 3 Noctua NF-S12A PWM fans for my case intake. My current cooler master fans are 3-pins and the case only came with 3-way splitter for 3 pins. If I purchase 3 Noctua fans, they will all come with 2 way splitters I believe. I was thinking maybe I can get away without purchasing another 3-way splitter for 4 pins and use two 2-way splitters connected end to end and get 3 connectors for 4 pins instead. Would that be a problem for controlling them? PWM etc. and also could there be some other problem? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your advice. Looks like ugly is the choice for me.
  3. Thanks, I'll look at the reviews. There is also MA410P available in my region and it looks like it performs better than MA610P. Can it be close to Noctua performance wise?
  4. No no only the spare fan costs that .There are no u12s chromax black edition available in my region.
  5. Oh no, I wish I could. I'm in Turkey so my choices are really limited sadly. A Chromax black costs about 35 USD in here. Maybe I could get away with buying the noctua now and then maybe add the chromax to the front it later on and use the hideous one on the back in 2 fan config? Would the second fan will be worth it though? Also NH-U12S is ~85USD and MA610P is ~82USD in my region.
  6. Hey there, As title suggests I'm torn between these choices. Should I just use the stock cooler for a while to save money for further upgrades? Or should I use the Noctua/Cooler Master coolers right away. I know the Noctua is great for the performance. But it really looks ugly (imo). I couldn't find many reviews for MA610P. If Cooler Master can perform close to Noctua in cooling AND noise levels I tend to go towards Cooler Master. What are your thoughts?
  7. Thanks! I will go with RTX 2070S and splurge a bit more. Well the SSD is around 90 USD mark. PSU wise there aren'y many options in my region to compare from your PSU tier list. It is prices about 185 USD.
  8. Thank you again. Your comments are greatly appreciated. I think I've found a better options price wise, upon further research. A Sapphire RX5700XT Nitro+ Special Edition for (~628 USD) if there aren't any obvious problems, stability or heat wise I think this checks all boxes except the power usage. OR A Gigabyte GeForce RTX2070 Super Windforce OC 3x 8G (~700 USD). 2070S looks like the obvious choice. But I am suspicious of its low price. Is this specific model has an issue? So here is my updated build: Ryzen 5 3600 Asus Prime X570-P 4400mhz(OC) Sapphir
  9. Well of course it is an issue, so if I were to look for best price for performance what would you recommend? Also still I have concerns about AMD + Intel compatibility.
  10. Thanks @ephesus.exe! Should I go with: * ASUS ROG STRIX RX 5700 XT (~700 USD) * ASUS GeForce DUAL RTX2060 SUPER EVO OC (638 USD) * MSI GeForce RTX 2070 TRI FROZR 8 GB (~726 USD) These are all about the same price. I don't know about any heating issues and/or compability issues with AMD MOBOs for Nvdia. Based on videocardbenchmark I should go with RTX 2070. But are these benchmarks are really that good about reflecting the overall usage of these cards? @boggy77 If you have some time I would appreciate your help also on this subject.
  11. What would you recommend instead of RX5700. Also I've seen some compatibility concerns on some AMD MOBOs and Intel GPUs with driver issues etc.
  12. I have Sapphire Radeon RX5700 or Asus Radeon RX5700 Rog Strix O8G versions available around the same prices (~100 USD Price change). I assumed since TUF has 3 fans it should perform better than the "blower" Sapphire. Are these options better for heat managament? I was considering Crucial for their better price but I wasn't sure about their reliability. Samsung were the king of the SSD NAND chips. Is the landscape of ssds changed? If crucial is a viable option I could get a 1TB P1 NvMe for about the same price or cut my expenses and get a Toshiba 500 GB. But I have concerns about their lon
  13. Thank you! I am truly excited about this build too. Since I always use 2 monitors, I have decent screen real estate. Reviews mostly criticize the VA panels for text-reading etc. Edit: The LPX 3600 set is available from some not so reputable vendors from 50 USD or less actually. I didn't consider them because of CL16 vs CL18. Don't know if the price difference is worth it actually.
  14. Hello, I am trying to put together a decent pc for personal use. I am a relatively power user dabbling in all kinds of usage. I know that the "general use" concept is the most expensive approach but I can not define my usage as purely "gaming" or "workstation" etc. I play games, sometimes I create small- mid size 3D projects, short Aftereffects or Premiere projects, some C# programming, lots of netflix and also working on my thesis so general text-based usage (this is relative bc. of monitors.) My gaming preferences are mostly MMORPGS (Like BDO), RPGS (Divinity OS II) or games like Factorio