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  1. Would a ryzen 5 2600x turbo to 4ghz bottleneck an rtx 2070 Main games I play: Apex Battlefront 2 Minecraft bedrock Forza horizon 4 Splitgate Valorant Fortnite Realm royale
  2. It is normal for a 570 to be onbrhe 80s, over 85 is a problem though
  3. had the same issue, i think 75 is locked out by the monitor as there is a 75hz model. I got my monitor working by unplugging the power and plugging it back in, if this doesn't work unplug it, hold the power button on your pc until it reboots and it will be back to 74
  4. The 2070 may be a little to much for 1080p so overclock your cpu to about 3.8ghz