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  1. thanks to all of y'all for responding! I'll probably combine both of the lists here a bit for a good sweet spot build, so thank you, @NZgamer and @Herman Mcpootis! And the advice you gave is super helpful @Pesky Ngon. When I was first planning the current rig I have, SLI was still barely viable, a 256gig SSD was a solid hundred dollars, and the 980ti was released, and that was about the same year I started freshman year of high school. Be back in five years when I inevitably get behind again!

  2. So it was about four years ago I first built my pc, and even though I upgraded the CPU a year ago, it's still running (brace yourself) a 750ti. Now that I've got some extra money saved up from work and don't have to worry about not having money right now, I've decided it's time to build a new system altogether. Only issue is I've been out of the loop with current tech for about three years now, so I'm here asking for help planning it.


    Current budget is $1200 to $1500 USD, absolute max $1600. I'll be using it to play games like AAA FPS games (preferably on high or ultra), simulation games like KSP (very CPU dependent), and older games like TF2. Running dual 1080p60hz monitors right now. I plan on just chucking the drives I'm using now, but I would like to get a 1TB SSD if the budget allows, an HDD otherwise. I'd prefer for this system to be fairly future proof for something like a primary monitor upgrade, just so I don't have to upgrade again for a good while. Thankfully, don't have to worry about getting any peripherals for this system.


    I really appreciate any help I can get with this build. I feel way out of touch with current hardware, so I'd really appreciate the advice of someone more up to date. I almost feel like I've left something important out, so I'm happy to answer questions! And I appreciate the time of anyone who's read this far, even if you don't respond.