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  1. i own both the old chromecast and the new chromecast. the new one has ac wireless and supports both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz bands. so if you got good wi-fi, streaming will be much quicker. you could also get the ethernet adapter and add it to the old chromecast but that means finding a way to run an ethernet cable.

    Its not to far from the router so i think ill just try the old one out and see. I also have a fiber connection so the wifi should be fast enough

    Thanks guys

  2. We found em boys:




    I know that you live in Australia so holidays to another countrys are expensive but in Europe you can get a 8 day holiday to Turkey (about 2000 miles flight) all inclusive with all you can eat and that kinda stuff starting at like 199€-299€.


    But I'm not sure if you are really trolling us. You game on a Acer Aspire v5 laptop which is 899€ and you gave your wife/gf a purse that's worth more then your laptop?


    You are just 28 so what do you do for living to earn +10000 AUD a month? It would be plain impossible for someone who earns 2000$ to say that a 1135$ purse is not a lot of money.

    it can be expensive here a week and Queensland ran me over 5k.


    and yes I'm using a laptop so what? I do not have that much time for it anyway that's why I haven't updated I have been just using the ps4 when I get time. I do plan on building a rig around my xmas holidays as that's the only time ill get off this year. 


    I am a Facilities manager my income is not something I'm going to disclose. but I'm sure you will look up what the going rate for one of those are.

  3. its not about the money its about celebrating our 6 years together and if I want to buy my wife something nice I will. 




    the subject of if it is a lot of money is dependant on what you earn. 


    Sorry to be a jerk, but I don't think that what love is. Reminds of my dad who used to buy expensive things for his secret gf

    That money would be enough for TWO  all-inclusive 1 week holidays  :P


    But yeah, none of my business...

    ha a one week holiday... 1500 bucks is not what id call a holiday. 

  4. How much was that lol? Probably as much as a new smartphone for her  :P

    $1135AUD for the bag & dinner was around $380.....


    Let me send your wallet a revive kit.

    and that would be greatly appreciated there is not much life left in it. 

  5. A second tv. took me ages to do the cabling which was not as straight forward as the tv mount is near flush with the wall. happy with the end result.

    now I just need to buy a small pc for a media centre so I can hook up foxtel go to it (mistakenly I thought foxtel play & foxtel go were the same thing :()  


    Edit:not going to bother with foxtel for this tv got my self a Netflix account