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  1. Hello LAR_Systems.

    Got a bit of an issue I should've notified you of before -  I think my folding samples are screwing up the gpu stats.

    Many of my samples are registered as being from 5500Ms, but my GPU is actually a 5300M - it's cut down so much compared to the 5500M that I think it's unecessarily dragging the RX 5500's stats.

    Is there any way you could reclassify my 5300M results into their own category for RX 5300's/5300Ms? 



    My username is BB63.

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    1. Spotty


      I believe this is a problem with how the AMD drivers report the cards, or how the folding at home client detects it. The same thing happens with the 6800/6800xt/6900xt all being grouped as one card.




  2. I'm a touch confused at how PCIe lanes work, coming from chipset or CPU, argh... I get the gen part, but not some of the other stuff. Like, what lanes on a CPU are available for expansion cards?! What limits chipset lanes!? Also, part gaming, part folding@home.
  3. Hey guys, Hypothetical question, Is there a consumer motherboard and CPU that can support the following configuration? 5600 XT GPU at 8x PCIe Gen 4 RTX 3070 GPU at 8x PCIe Gen 4 Thunderbolt 3/4 Card NVME SSD, Either Gen 3/4 works
  4. Welp, time to get my ifixit kit then. Boy, 16 in. MBP is a pain .... Any paste recs Alex?
  5. Yeah; what I'm hoping for is to 1. Increase cooling performance to the point that the fans kick up less strongly at full load. 2. Reduce thermal stress on the computer, since temps easily shoot up to the high 90s under full load.
  6. Yeah, thermal pad is one of the options I'm considering. Still need to research options tho. The reason thermal pad's a second choice is 1. My macbook pro doesn't have that insulating layer, so I think the chassis is fairy efficient as a heat sink. 2. Its chassis gets pretty hot as is, so I think there's not much more heat-dissapation capacity to leverage. 3. I usually run my macbook pro in bootcamp mode, with less of the power limitiations that prevented the macbook air from increasing its performance. BTW, I haven't found the block Linus used, but I found a $
  7. Yeah, no way I'm going to use an ICE TUB of all friggin thing to do the cooling, just a regular old radiator - maintenance would be a nightmare. Planning to make a stand with the block embedded in it, with a much larger block used. https://www.amazon.com/DIYhz-Aluminum-4020012mm-Computer-Endothermic/dp/B07FZXYKRV/ref=pd_sbs_147_3/139-7620672-8491700?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07FZXYKRV&pd_rd_r=2b8017ab-e03a-419e-9c81-613daf87bcfa&pd_rd_w=CBxwj&pd_rd_wg=EzJAF&pf_rd_p=bdc67ba8-ab69-42ee-b8d8-8f5336b36a83&pf_rd_r=E347F0KAYS1M16VRQAX2&psc=1&refRID=E347F0KAYS1M16V
  8. Hey guys, thinking about making a jury-rigged laptop water-cooling stand, could anyone tell me what components Linus used here to make the water-cooling loop? Like - how is Linus powering the loop or radiator? External PSU? Any ideas pls? Please assume I'm a complete idot here, just started reading about pc-building.
  9. That's kind of the point. The entire reason I bootcamp is b/c Yuzu and Citra are better optimized for windows. (Damn you apple for depreciating OpenGL). I don't have any mac programs that demand the extra boost in graphics.
  10. It's a program-exclusive thing -- the Yuzu and Citra guys practically demand that we use nvidia cards. They say AMD openGL drivers are absolute crap, unable to use opengl beyond 3.3 (at least that's what the Citra diagnostic log said the last time I had to deal with a program error)
  11. Unless you can somehow import the High Sierra Nvidia drivers to be used in MacOS catalina, I'm planning it to be bootcamp exclusive
  12. I know But eGPU AMD cards are crap in bootcamp, plus AMD drivers don't play nice with a lot of the programs I use. Unless the Navi cards get a bootcamp driver update that optimizes OpenGL enough to be used with citra or yuzu, I'm not going to get a 5700 XT
  13. Budget (including currency): 400-550 USD Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Folding@Home, Valkyria Chronicles 1/4, Citra, Yuzu Base System: Macbook Pro 16 in. base model (i7-9750H, 16 GB DDR4 Ram, 5300M GPU, Other details: Hey guys, just a macbook pro 16 in. user looking to get an eGPU for use in bootcamp - I'd like a system that's as quiet as possible while having as much performance as possible. I'm going with an nvidia GPU because it plays a lot nicer with bootcamp than external radeon cards, plus Yuzu and Citra work much bette
  14. I see; I thought all the new navi cards supported DSC from the start.
  15. Hey guys, just had a small question -- you guys know how PCs don't exactly play nice with the Pro Display XDR? I was just thinking -- assuming that in bootcamp, you can mess with brightness settings, why can't you use boot camp display drivers on a PC to get the XDR's full functionality (brightness control, proofing modes, etc.)? Would any of you say that it's practically or theoretically possible? If anyone's tested this, tell me how it went!