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  1. So I have the Keychron K3 and I have been using it in its wired mode all along because my PC does not have bluetooth functionality. If I used ORICO BTA-508 USB BLUETOOTH ADAPTER 5.0 BTA 508 DONGLE RECEIVER, can I connect it through that? Thanks
  2. So I am currently trying to make a task scheduler, and it requires me to input a password. However, I don't have it, and never made one for this PC. Tried to just fill it empty, but it won't work. Additional info, I'm the only user on this computer and also have the administrative privileges. What should I do?
  3. Hey so my Minecraft server just crashed and I didn't have an auto backup, but luckily I had one from a few days ago. Because of that I decided to create an auto backup. I just tested this script that I found online: set mydate=%date:~-4%-%date:~3,2%-%date:~0,2% "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe" a -r -m5 "C:\Users\Samya Daleh\Desktop\backup_%mydate%.rar" "C:\Users\Samya Daleh\Documents" But, the file name turns out like the one I have attached. How do I fix this? And also, I am planning on doing the backup twice a day. Is there a way too also add like name-date-1, o
  4. So my PC just did a hard shut down on its own, probably because of a brown out. This caused one of my HDD to have issues. When starting up it says that Windows is trying to repair it. I let it, but it took too long and just decided to do it in the command prompt of another computer using chkdsk /f /r. It's stuck on stage 4, not moving for about 3 hours. So, now I am trying again but probably going to leave it overnight, but I don't really have high hopes for it completing the check disk. Is there a way to fix this issue? Without formatting the disk?
  5. In my country, it is almost impossible to return items haha, unlike in the US. And the official controllers are significantly more expensive. Almost 2x, but yeah, thanks for the suggestions!
  6. I used the chinese knockoff, and your manual installation steps worked! thanks alot.
  7. Hey, so I just bought an xbox receive and an xbox 360 controller. I don't know why but I can't connect. I have looked for drivers, but this message pops up. It won't connect as of now. I don't really know why. I have tried to follow youtube videos that directs me to Microsoft's website, but I still cant find it on Microsoft. The ones I have found from forums and other sites just gave the message that I have attached. If you find a link, can you please send it here? Thanks! I have attached the picture of the receiver as well. Thanks!
  8. Even for a prolonged amount of time?
  9. So, I mine on the side to help cover the cost of my PC. Because the m.2 is literally above the GPU, it gets very toasty, peaking at 60 degrees. As of now, it only uses the heat sink from the motherboard, should I get a heat sink with the fans or should I get the big heat sinks like the one on Sabrent. Of course, because it is mining, it is up for a long period of time. Thanks!
  10. Or just list the names up rather than links XD
  11. Alright fine, let me rephrase the question: suggested custom loop parts that was good for the era of the FX 8350
  12. I just got my self an FX 8350, and plan to custom water cool it. I want to custom liquid cool it, on a "budget". For the rad, I would probably go with a 360mm. What I am mainly looking for is older parts, since I personally think it is more fitting with the era of the FX 8350. Using a modern EKWB or Barrow is good, but just doesn't feel right. Because I have just started being an enthusiast like 7 years ago, I don't really know much about the custom loop scene then so I don't really know any good "old" parts. So yea, I want to ask your guy's suggestions for all the parts, and even
  13. That's alright man, thanks for the info. I have applied to get static IP, but it will apply after the 25th of may. So for now, I can't do anything but play the waiting game. I think this is a tad too complicated for my brain. This port forwarding is already confusing as it is haha
  14. BTW are you sure that this is why it's not working and nothing else? Because it's gonna add to my monthly bill, but if it is the culprit I'll just subscribe since it's still less than renting a server (It's gonna cost me almost US$2 a month). Or is there any possible alternative?
  15. Hmmm, its almost 10pm here. I'll try contacting them tomorrow. Thanks alot! In the mean time, I can't do anything since my other internet also has a dynamic IP. I'll let you know tomorrow. Thanks!
  16. Also allowed this in Windows firewall, didn't budge
  17. I don't think so. After ticking and clicking apply it refreshes unticked.
  18. Thanks for this, I have put in a new rule for my antivirus, both for TCP and UDP. Still hasn't changed.
  19. In one of the guide, it told me to put my IPv4 in the field of IP. And that is what I put. Should I put the default gateway? Since the default gateway ends in 1.1
  20. 158 is the first 3 digits, is it enough to determine whether it's a CG-NAT or not?
  21. So, I wanted to make a server for me and my friends. I have followed a lot of YouTube tutorials about how to make it and I still haven' found out why my friends aren't able to connect. I have, what I think, already made a correct port forwarding, yet it still can't be public. What I've done: - I have tried to use ngrok, no go - I have rebooted both the internet and pc, no go - set a static IP on my pc, no go (I'm not sure what static IP is, but I followed this tutorial) - Remade the server, no go What I know: - Whenever I look up "what's my IP",