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      I have a proplem with my ram, yesterdy i had have my first ryzen CPU and bought with them 2x8 gigs of ram with a speed of 3600mhz but its only running on 2666mhz why😕

    3. Thehoboking


      I'm not the person to be asking that 

  1. Just tried it in another system and the gpu works fine. I'm thinking it might be my motherboard
  2. I just upgraded my pc to a bigger case and now it what show any thing I tried all the display ports and nothing. I have double checked everything and I can't find anything wrong I'm running an Asus prime a320m-a csm motherboard with a ryzen 5 2600 a rx 550 gpu and 24 GB of ram
  3. Does anyone know what the PHD 6000 pins are for on the ASUS Prime A-320-A crm motherboard?