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  1. I just bought 2 gpu brackets but my motherboard doesnt have any 3 pin rgb connectors. Is there anything i can do to make them work and still be able to control the RGB? My mobo is the Asus rog strix Z390 E gaming
  2. yeah il do that, thanks for the help
  3. windows is installed on my ssd, am i gonna need to format my hard drives as well?
  4. i am going to build a new pc and i want to use my old ssd and hard drives. Am i going to need to reinstall windows or anything? I am pretty new to this so if anyone can help me that would be very appreciated
  5. I am bying pc parts to make a new pc and for the motherboard, i got the MSI MAG 550 tomahawk and the Corsair vengeance rgb pro but the thing is that its at 3600MHz and the motherboard supports 3200MHz ram. is that gonna be a problem?
  6. the 5600x is compatible with the tomahawk motherboard right?
  7. I wanna get that case cuz i just like the way it looks and it has an RGB and fan controller I already have the rtx 2070 so i thought i wouldnt need to buy a new one I did think about getting the 5900x but then i thought that it could bottleneck my gpu if i got a better one as for cooling i just thought i would use the stock cooler that comes with the cpu since i dont plan on overclocking
  8. So i wanna make a good gaming pc since i finally got a good amount of money gathered up and i wanna make sure that everything works together but i dont really trust just my research so some opinions would be great For a case, im gonna be using the NZXT H710i For a GPU i am getting an rtx 2070 For a CPU i wanna get the AMD Ryzen 9 3900x For the mobo, the MSI MAG tomahawk b550 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 RAM For a PSU i going to be using the Cooler master MWE 650w 80+gold and for storage im gonna my old ssds and hard drives. If anyone
  9. would u recommend anything better? i dont mind spending a bit extra cash
  10. I bought a prebuilt pc about a year ago and i want to upgrade it a bit. it has an rtx 2070, an amd ryzen 5 2600, a gigabyte b450 gaming x motherboard and 16gb of ddr4 2666mhz ram. Dont know what power supply i have. I wanna change out the motherboard, cpu and ram. this motherboard doesnt support ram speeds of over 2900mhz i think and people say that amd cpus need good ram so i am for sure gonna need a new motherboard that supports some better ram. As for a cpu i was thinking about the amd ryzen 5 5600x. people say its very good for the price so i thought i might as well go with it. For the mot
  11. i need a new motherboard because it only supports up to 2666mhz ram, and from what i know amd cpus need quite a bit of ram