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  1. Yep @piratemonkey, just logged data from the PSU voltages during a crash and 12V doesn't drop a tiny bit when it happen. Crashes now also happen in Davinci Resolve which is very GPU intensive aswell. I'll get a new GPU and see from there I believe.


    Edit : GPU was indeed the culprit, new GPU fixed the issue

  2. Config:

    Intel Core i7-3820 (2012)

    32GB DDR3 (2012)

    GeForce GTX760/OC 4GB (2014)

    Antec NE650C EC (2018)

    Win10 64bits (End of 2019)



    So, here it goes: had no problems with this computer for as long as I can remember besides a faulty PSU I changed 2 years ago. Starting today,  the game I usually play with causes an nvlddmkm.sys driver_irql_not_less_or_equal BSOD straight away most of the time, sometimes the GPU crashes and manages to recover. In both cases the game picture freezes with color artifacts (see attached file 1)


    I'm having the same problem with all nVidia drivers from the latest one to back to October 2019. The problem also happens on an old Win7 install I have around and other games. Furmark stress test brings an instant BSOD on both installs too, and no changes have been made on my software between yesterday and today so I'm pretty confident we can rule out a software issue.


    Can't decide if it's the GPU or the PSU dying, here's a list of things i tried and monitored:

    -Switched 12v rails

    -Unplugged all but main hard drive

    -Checked CPU temp (48° under heavy load)

    -Checked GPU temp (doesn't have time to reach 60°)

    -Checked PSU voltage right after crash (everything seems in check)

    -Tried underclocking GPU with barely any effect

    -The computer doesn't crashes when the game i set to very low settings with screen resolutions from another era

    -GPU-Z Shows weird VDDC micro drops but I can't decide if it's a glitch or not (see second attached file).

    -The crash happens on that screenshot when the GPU hits 100% usage and vRel kicks in


    Any help would be appreciated, cheers!