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    struggling to populate my 42U, and we fold fold fold
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  1. I would put them in a rack and create as you proposed rentable processing/render farm and have FAH as in the background maybe something that can turn the next one on when there is no free processing power left?
  2. last resort (can not seam to find a definitive answer online) ubuntu server 20.04.01 AMD Vega 64 wont support opencl 1.2+ only 1.1 Any guidance would be most appreciated
  3. anyone got a Radeon rx580 that can give me a good PPD LAR.systems has it as about 490000~
  4. I just got another 2nd hand card and plannin on two more
  5. hope everyone is doing well. seen a down turn in my daily points but no failed WU. I have seen what looks like WU taking longer. Anyone know anything?