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    struggling to populate my 42U, and we fold fold fold
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  1. I have it backed up guess it will be a case of editing files so the data is there
  2. clean install and reboot later HFM works fine humpf ruins the log of the 6000 completed WUs proof from one server sigh
  3. anyone had issues with HFM not reading clients correctly just getting 00s for eta and tpf. This happened post windows update, HFM required update due to .net issue. on 9.26 any thoughts? (tried fresh install of HFM). also on restart of HFM it does not remember old setup/clients.
  4. does anyone have experience or thoughts on replacing loud server fans with nf-a8 pwm or similar for more pleasurable home use
  5. What is it with AMD and really bad points even on the new cards 1/2 to 1/3 nivida
  6. She Lives Finally made the effort to spin up my "new" NAS *cough* Folding *cough* server
  7. dont use another system Edit I have 20.04 on a few but I am using the server variant so headless anyway. depending on what you want to achieve there is one mobile management system that could be used. I use babysitter, HFM to track things. can share config and setting for it if you want
  8. the heat must be getting to people im getting steady points and no lack of WU.
  9. Numbers, got to push those numbers up haha. My "aim" is just loads of units all working just not latest generation. Don't think there is a small WU option.