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  1. Hey. Got these games free with my gpu. But i don't play these, so someone can have them if they want? Not sure how to redeem them, but we will work it out. Was given a code, apparently you need to make an amdrewards account. Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne Master Edition PC Resident Evil 3 PC
  2. Very rarely, my screen flickers for a split second. It's a horizontal line with a bit of static and green from what i can gather. And my audio makes a popping sound, this happens maybe once every other day. It has never happened while playing games or in a stress test, just seems to be random while web browsing or doing nothing. Any ideas? Steel legend B450 Ryzen 3500X Vega 64 phanteks revolt pro1000w 8 x 2 Crucial Ballistix Win 10 I have the latest bios. Tried different video drivers. It's hard to find the culprit due to i
  3. I'm not doing any OC. I didn't update to the latest video driver (because it was not recommended) I just have now, and same issue. When i run heaven benchmark on ultra i have no problems. What do you mean by logging events? I looked at the events, had a few critical 'kernel power 41's
  4. Hey. Iv'e recently upgraded my gpu. When i play a game for a few minutes my computer shuts down, and i don't know why. Temps before shutdown: cpu - 65c gpu - 68c PSU - aerocool project 7 750w GPU - Strix vega 64 oc CPU - Ryzen 5 3500x RAM - 16gb ballistix 3200mhz MOBO - steel legend B450 I like my gpu/cpu to stay cool even if the fans are loud. And the computer seem to shut off when the fans start giving it some. So my only guess would be that im asking too much of my psu, but i would have thought a 750 shouldn't ha