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  1. Thanks i'll check I live in Poland, unfortunately prices are higher for the same equipment than in the US or even in Germany. The geopolitical and economic situation is changing fast now, but i have to make a decision fairly quickly to be able to work
  2. Hi guys I need some advice. As my passion has become my job, I need a new monitor. Until now, for graphic needs, macbook pro 15 from 2014 was enough for me, for all other I use LG 24GM77-B on my pc. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for graphics and photography. I am looking for a 27 or 32 inch monitor, uhd or 4k, 10 bit, between 1000-1300 $. I have read a lot and I have several models in mind, but is there anyone who can say something about brands other than EIZO and NEC? On other forums, people only praise these brands, criticizing others just because it's not eizo or nec. I know t