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  1. Hello, i've decided to manually reflash the bios with an EEPROM usb programmer I have. But I need to know if there exists a second chip for dual bios GPUs like this Nitro+ Sapphire. Based on what i've researched, I am quite certain that this one is a bios chip. But I am quite uncertain if dual BIOS gpus uses a single chip or there lies a second chip somewhere else. The bioses i tried flashing onto the card didn't work, but i have not tried everything. (I've seen some other forum with someone having the exact problem, all they had to do was try many different BIOSes after unbr
  2. There are, Gigabyte has, so does MSI, Sapphire also has but only 4GB density variant cards have records of vBIOS supporting that memory in TechPowerUp. Wow, must've missed that. Although the end is a little different (AJR) instead of (MJR), still worth a shot, I'll ask him to try it.
  3. No, it's only either the driver wouldn't install, or the PC would crash before being able to do anything. Yeah that's for micron memory, thanks anyway We did, still waiting for response :<
  4. My friend got to buy an RX 570 on the secondhand market and it turns out to have no working vBIOS on it on both the vBIOSes it has since it has dual vBIOS. The card reports 0 core clock and memory clock on GPUz on one, and wouldn't reach OS on the other. We found out that the vBIOS flashed is wrong since software reported it has Micron memory but upon inspection at the chips itself, it clearly shows SKhynix (HCGC8H24MJR - R0C). We thought it to be not a problem because we do know how to reflash a vBIOS but then after checking every single Sapphire RX570 vBIOS that
  5. But when it comes to it, will it work?
  6. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to come by these days. But I guess I will try a little harder in looking for such before going for this gruesome idea.
  7. Hello, I have an old Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W Cable Management semi-modular power supply but I lost some of the cable that came with it. I still have one of the PCI-E 8pin connectors and I was wondering if I can use this modular power supply cable I found. It has the same pinout or wire layout to the standard 8 pin PCI-E but it is keyed differently. The one I found however has the same keys on both the PCI-E male end and PSU male end, thus its keys are also different to the PSU female end. I
  8. Alright that clears things. Yes Having a bit of headroom also helps for multi tasking and video rendering. Alright I think I get it now, Registered = Buffered and Unregistered = Un-buffered. and Buffered will never work on Un-buffered Motherboards Thanks.
  9. So, is Buffered = Registered and Unbuffered = Unregistered? Both RAMs on their spec sheets mention ECC Registered but no mention regarding it being Buffered/Unbuffered Yeah I know different DDR Generations have different keys and pin counts, and I only used that as a medium of comparison to different RAM Frequencies and their overall impact to gaming. I've always found that capacity is more important for gaming. Woops sorry, my browser chrome (yeah chrome... might need that extra capacity after all) opens the link to a new tab and views the site via built-in PDF
  10. Hello, I just want a little clarification about ECC Memories since the browsing the web about ECC support on none server systems have conflicting points, and to gain knowledge to know whether the RAM I would buy would be just defective or incompatible in the event of it not booting/working. I have this budget system: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G MOBO: Asus EX-A320M Gaming RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666MHz CL16 HyperX Fury (Had 16GB but I gave the other stick to my friend, yeah just had to mention that) GPU: RX 580 4GB Then I found some great deals on FB Marketplace: 1.
  11. Forgot to mention, I checked a few motherboards and their available BIOS/Firmware downloads and you can see at what point they disable PCIE Gen 4.0 support, so yeah the more you know. But that's pretty obvious to some people anyways.
  12. Alright, did a little bit of research. Apparently yeah, Motherboard manufacturers did actually advertise pre-X570 boards to supporting PCI-E gen 4 despite AMD saying it won't. So at one point PCI-E 4.0 did actually become available on most if not all AM4 boards but was almost immediately ceased as said by AMD for reason that the boards might not be in spec to run gen 4.0 the hardware the boards are made in. Something about the traces in motherboards and the signal integrity something. Though like this guy said, It "might" b
  13. Hello, I just saw a video on Youtube (by George Tech YT) that's about a year old and it was shown at around (12:25) that the Gigabyte A320 can handle PCIE 4.0 bandwidth. Just questions out of curiosity: Is this real? or is it just joke or a trick I was too dumb to see. r does it really work, but what's the catch or how? Does it work with the other A320 motherboards?
  14. I would just want to say that there may be a possibility of the PSU is already failing, it might even be the reason of the PC crashing eventually causing the fan of the GPU to die. Although unlikely, it just could be a factor You can try this: But like they said, 2 fans are ok but the one that's not working may be causing a sort of shortage What is the capacity of your PSU? and what is it? by the looks of it, it seems pretty good and ok.
  15. The RTX 2060 seems to be performing normally on the benchmark, Are you sure you didn't just accidentally turn on V-Sync in the game settings?