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  1. when i tested it, i tested each card just long enough to see it post ... i had waterblocks on it and i did not want to have to take them off. I had two bad Riser cables ? One came from Lianli... I had a replacement on on hand and then i ordered a second one... so i have not been able to test SLI as of yet...
  2. your saying running the ram at a lower speed than its rated for when i have a perfectly good lifetime warranty to take advantage of for a more stable pc in the in the end ? i did lower it too 2800 mhz the first time ... i had it running at 3.9 ghz with 3000 mhz .. was working and then it wasnt ...
  3. tested the hdmi cable .. was not the issue... was able to get each of the cards to post without the riser cables... have not been able to get them to post together in sli as that requires me to have riser cables..
  4. So recently I had an NVME get loosed somehow and i got a no boot drive, but i was able to fix that by reseating it. My Pc posted fine no issues ... Then at random, I got no display... I tried plugging in each of my GTX 1070'S one by one with no luck... System literally looks like it is posting fine ...The Vga Light does come on, but then goes off. I am not sure if it is the normal power cycle Vga light or if i have a VGA issue... My cards are Hardlined water cooled, so i would prefer to not drain my loop again, as i had to recently to access my nvme drive and fix it... Both Cards
  5. yes, that is not when i have issue, but regardless when there is no overclocking at all it was only showing 7.6gb out of 16gb.. the RAM is rated for 3000Mhz.. I was running it at 3000Mhz... pretty straight forward ... The Voltages were set properly...
  6. well i am using over clocking as my test to tell if the ram is functioning or not ... basically my issue is that windows is detecting 7.9 out 16gb installed with no overclock and my system will not post with an overclock right now.. when i replace the ram, it overclocks fine and system runs at 3.8 on the cpu and 3000 mhz on the ram no problem...
  7. i have the dynamic pc-011 .. It is one of my favorite cases ive ever owned and has room for whatever GPU you can find .. I have 2 X GTX 1070 Founders Editions with Plenty of space left over
  8. So ive had 32gb of Geil RGB LUCE and it keeps failing? The caveat is that there is a lifetime warranty, so this is not an issue. I run it at the rated 3000mhz with the correct voltages and everything... This is the second or Third time i have had to ship it back for replacement, in the course of a year and a half or so .... I am more wondering why it keeps failing ? Bad Ram ? The Ram is listed on the compatibility guide for my motherboard.. Also on my MSI Carbon Pro x370 there is no option to sync the RGB on the Ram, when it lists my RAM
  9. doubtful...it seems to be the encoder in premiere .. if i export my premiere project file to Media Encoder it works ... If I export through Premiere it does not ? Media Encoder also does it 75% faster.. After Effects also exports project files to Media Encoder Fine and it works... So Idk why Premiere does not like up scaling ?
  10. So when editing i encounter a few issues : Video goes black while editing randomly ? When exporting from 1080p to 4k it crashes regularly various exporting crashes- different encoders .. i cho0se h.264 any ideas?
  11. So i have a 2in1 Wifi/Bluetooth Pci 1x card installed in my pc and the wifi is working but it will not show the bluetooth in task manager and since the wifi is working it means the hardware is functioning. both were working until yesterday ? I need to have bluetooth for my XBOX ONE controller and for my Surround Sound... My gaming is being hindered @ the moment... anyone have any ideas? link to my card below https://www.ebay.com/itm/EDUP-2030Mbps-Wifi-Adapter-Intel-9260-Bluetooth-5-0-Dual-Band-PCI-E-WiFi-Card/324012045155?ssPageNam
  12. i am not sure ... if i could have put it where it was supposed to go i would have ... it was either have the gpu's vertically mounted or put the distro in the back... i couldn't do both cause i would not have a spot for the second rad!!!
  13. no the fittings were really good ... there were a few of the tubes that i had not 100% bend on to fit perfectly in the fitting and was pulling out with less force than the others so i super glued it and those tubes 2 of the 20 will not come back out ... but the system is leak free and the temps are really good