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  1. hey guys any info would be great im going to have a few phones laying around after upgrading them and was wondering how and if possible is the best way to mine on them since they will just be collecting dust and wont really get used for anything other than maybe playing the odd game on them for people that want to know the phones 2 of them are Samsung 1 is a s7 and an s9
  2. That was supposed to be c15 not 13 lol
  3. Hi guys I'm new so if this isnt the right spot to ask let me know I just recently built my first ever pc and was wondering what I can over clock if at all possible Specs Msi radeon rx 580 Msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac mobo R5 2600 Corsair vengeance ddr4 ram (3000mhz c13) and the psu is corsair 550w 80+ bronze cert