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  • Birthday Jul 01, 2002

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    India(No, not a Scammer)
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    I am here most of the time, What does that tell you?
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    Still Studying.


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    Intel i5 3470 3.4Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Frontech FT-0470
  • RAM
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    Geforce GTX 1650 Super
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    120GB SSD
    1TB HDD
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    Antec VP450P
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    Acer EV226HQL
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    Redgear GRIM
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    Redgear A-20
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    Self-made Amp for a subwoofer and Logitech Z120 speakers
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    Windows 10
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  1. Oh ok thank you. Currently my i5 3470 is holding back my gpu in too many games. (Like Cyberpunk)
  2. Will the i7 2600 be a big downgrade?(that's the one available to me rn)
  3. What would be the best Lga 1155 socket processor to go with a GTX 1650 Super?
  4. No it sounds the same on both front and back and no the sub is not plugged in... Me too,I have tried basically everything and it just won't work. My last try is using a usb audio adapter
  5. No effects enabled, and the headphones run fine on my phone so it's unlikely the PC doesn't have enough power right?
  6. The speakers sound fine and I have selected the right stuff. it's the headphones that sound bad.
  7. My PC has a realtek audio driver and I am using a subwoofer and two logitech stereo speakers currently and it works good too. But the problem is when I plug in my headphones they sound really tinny and no bass at all! and it's not my headphones fault either because they sound really good when plugged into my phone and laptop. I tried updating the realtek HD audio drivers but when I install it I can no longer access the HD audio manager and it only outputs digital audio and not through the audio jacks.... I already tried turning off enhancements and the basic stuff, but to no avail.. I could us
  8. Ok I tried the hdd which the games are on a different pc and it's ok and all the files are there looks like the windows drive corrupted i will try with a bootable drive to repair it or reinstall it.
  9. Yes hopefully it's the ssd that corrupted the files and hdd is fine....
  10. Hmm ok if it is a drive issue can i not recover it?
  11. I have 300 gb worth of games and it's saves on it, not that important but it's valuable to me because I can't download it again because i did it all on mobile data because I don't have wifi
  12. How do i do that? Pull out the little battery?