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  1. I repasted yesterday. I used Arctic Silver 5. CPU temps are now lower as I mentioned.
  2. I know but the the games are now lagging and the fps are now lower.
  3. I have MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro and I recently had my laptop cleaned almost 5 months ago from a laptop repair shop. I usually do it myself but I was too busy so I thought why not? He cleaned my laptop and replaced my laptop's thermal paste too because he had to remove the heatsink to access the fans. Little did I know, he used a crap thermal paste and my CPU and GPU temps started reaching 80°- 90° and my laptop's body started getting really hot to the point where I couldn't even touch it. I did not change the laptop's paste until tomorrow because of some financial. I used Arctic Silver 5. M
  4. Heelo, I have MSI GP62MVR and I want to reset the BIOS using the switch on the motherboard. What is the sequence of pressing this switch? Thanks.
  5. Today I turned on my laptop after 2 weeks and it's display wasn't working. I have MSI GP62MVR. The ac adapter wasn't working and the ordered one was taking too long so I opened up my old ac adapter and replaced the cable today. I checked and the laptop's charging light was on so I turned on my laptop after almost 2 weeks and the display and harddisk activity light weren't working. The display seemed dead, not black but dead. I turned off my laptop by pressing the power button for a few seconds and turned it on again and the result was same. I checked and the Cooler Boost button light was worki