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  1. Wow. I'll shut up now. Glad I asked as B550 at that price is worth it... I was thinking is was a €50-€80 premium... but that is more like €10-€20.... well worth it!! I cannot comment on the case (no experience), but the rest of the build looks really solid. Good luck and enjoy!
  2. TBH - "actual reviews" are the ones I'd be worried about unless they're reviewing your exact workload. Even on Userbenchmark, I'd be at least a little wary of ANY of those 11th gen benchmarks / reviews given the current sample sizes.... looking at Userbenchmark: most 11th gen < 40 samples, most 10th gen >40k. So the 11th gen scores are likely to only be professional builds / reviewers who are getting the most out of the system.... just wait for the proper USER scores to get them to balance out the scores a little more. If you know exactly what you want to do with
  3. "G.Skill Trident Z RGB 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory" GSkill = a good solid brand, with good reputation for stable, compatible systems. 3200Mhz was the mainstream sweet spot when I built my system. I don't have experience with 3600Mhz memory, but I understand that Ryzen 5xxx CPU's love the extra bump from 3200Mhz to 3600Mhz, so it is worth paying a little extra for that.... equally they'd probably appreciate CL16, if you can find it for sensible money, but I gather 3600Mhz CL18 is better than even 3200Mhz CL15 for your CPU. I would advise going for
  4. simply not worth the scalper-premiums and you've got a reasonably solid backup plan there for a a few months at least.... it could be a case of paying today's money for a GTX1070 or getting a RTX3070 for the same money in 12 months... (well that's the hope / theory anyway!!) Both great bits of kit, but last I checked, the gen4 NVME's were a bit of a price premium relative to modest extra performance - if that's changed for your region, then no reason not to go for it, but in my experience there's very little real-world difference between similar "good" NVME's, even my WD Blue SN550 (in
  5. How much would they charge to upgrade the graphics on this? https://pcgamercasa.ma/pc-gamer/1384-pc-max-i3-10100f-8go-gt-1030-ssd-120go-hdd-1to-pcgamercasa-maroc.html If that is still in budget, then I think it is better. This is only single channel memory, and dual channel memory is better and you will probably want 16Gb soon... but 1x 8Gb 3200Mhz to start is probably better long-term option than 2 x 2666Mhz.... this way you can always add another 8Gb memory stick later (for 2x8Gb 3200Mhz). At least with this option you get a 10th gen Intel CPU, 8 thre
  6. Not too bad... this is just my opinion, but I think it is just a bit too much of a middle option though, but if that is all you can afford, then I won't criticise. Just so you're aware of what you are sacrificing: CPU: the 9th gen i3 is still 4 cores, but only 4 threads (no hyper-threading)... so will be okay for up to 4 thread work (most games), but might struggle with streaming: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-7700-vs-Intel-Core-i3-9100F/3887vs4054 CPU/Platform: The main problem is that it is an 9th gen older socket type and Intel
  7. Okay - here's my 2cents, but others feel free to chip in with their opinions.... At round that price point, from that supplier, I'd me more tempted by: https://pcgamercasa.ma/pc-gamer/1363-pc-max-i3-10100f-36ghz-geforce-gtx-1650-super-4gb-pcgamercasa-maroc.html The 10th gen i3 CPU is VERY similar to the i7-7700: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-7700K-vs-Intel-Core-i3-10100F/3647vs4082 - but you'll have more scope for a quick CPU upgrade later. The graphics is also VERY similar: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1650S-Super-v
  8. See what the system load is like when it's getting "clunky" (open up Task Manager and keep an eye it).... is that when all cores are at 100%, when system RAM is >80% or is it just chuntering away on disk IO? I'd definitely advise hanging onto that graphics card for a while though! Read this article on NVME... I think you'll struggle to leverage any real benefit from a decent NVME until your next big upgrade: motherboard, CPU and probably also memory. https://www.win-raid.com/t871f50-HowTo-Get-full-NVMe-support-for-all-Systems-with-an-AMI-UEFI-BIOS.html
  9. Right now.... that's is probably a good price, especially for Morocco, but only 'cos the GTX1060 is about $300-$500 in the current market. If you want a proper answer - you need to give more information about: 1) What will you use it for? 2) Do you have ANY components you can add to the bundle right now? (old case + power supply + cooler + SSD + OS, even win7?) 3) What is the "refurbished PC"? Is it a generic build that you can upgrade later or is a Dell case with Dell-only parts throughout? I only ask, because an i3-10100F is VERY similar performance to
  10. X570 is overkill.... B450 would be a better match and you'll save yourself around $CAD120. Unless you're about to switch in a Ryzen9 5950 and start overclocking, I think you'll be fine with a B450. Also, if you're only aiming for 1080P 60Hz gaming, consider a GTX1050Ti... 18 months ago I would NOT have been recommending this card for anything more than a budget HTPC build. It's NOT as good as a RX570 (around 30% slower), but it's very usable for 1080P 60Hz and below the floor that most miners/scalpers will stoop.... so only $CAD220- $CAD250... https://gpu.userbenchmark.
  11. right now - it's just a perfect storm various demand and supply factors.... so it is a complete guessing game. The supply chain problems will get sorted in the next 6-12 months: everything from water supplies to covid/staffing issues impacting production. In terms of demand... far harder to predict: you've got crypto miners soaking up all reasonably-priced supply and then a few scalpers looking to make a profit off a handful of desperate/stupid buyers if crypto prices hold out.... it'll probably be the end of 2021 or even mid-2022 before supply catches up wi
  12. Fair call - I assume with the work you're doing, you won't be overclocking the memory... so a X570 board should be able to run 4 sticks at the XMP profile speeds at least. Just whichever memory you get - stick to a mainstream model for big brand (like the GSkill you currently have on your list).... as it is hugely frustrating if you end up with 2 sticks of good memory and not being able to match them with another 2 of the same spec.... personal experience.
  13. Do your research if there are particular games you want to play... but a RX570/RX580 or even a GTX1050Ti will get you around 40-60FPS with mid to high level details in most games... my son's got a i7-3770 and a 1050Ti on a 100Hz 1080P TV and it comfortably out-performs his Xbox One S in Fortnite + Minecraft, but those are NOT demanding games. That said, IF you can get a GTX1080Ti for ₹30k (£300), then it might be worth it... in the UK, those cards are more like ₹50k... and they're just not worth that much... so I was going to say spend ₹7k-₹10k now (1050Ti) and then ₹30k in 6-12 mo
  14. One question - do you have to spend it all as a single purchase or can you do it in stages? It's just a really, really bad time to buy a GPU and I think you'll be fine with a RX750 or GTX1050Ti for most basic 1080P gaming as a stop-gap... and then buy something more modern and future-proof later. The GTX1080Ti was an AMAZING card several years ago and still phenomenally capable, but you'll pay all the premium associated with a mining-capable card and get none of the modern benefits of lower power consumption + Ray tracing + extra CUDA cores + NVEC, etc.... so give it an
  15. Check with each board, but B550's should support Ryzen 5xxx straight out the box. Both those graphics cards will be fine for 1080p gaming with the RTX having much better ray tracing + streaming support. If neither of those is a deal breaker for you, just get whatever you can get for a senseible price.