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  1. asrock H81M-VG4 R2.0 was mobo i was using in that video, and i bought a brand new asrock H81M-VG4 R3.0 and it still does like the one in the video. It's the first time happening. And the graphics card is a Gainward GeForce GT 730 1GB GDDR5 64-bit
  2. Hello everybody, so i had this problem with my GPU: And i bought a new motherboard, because i thought my motherboard PCIe slot is faulty. So my new motherboard arrives, i put everything in place and i get a big surprise.. i still have that problem!! It still goes 100% on fans and not displaying anything. Yes, it works on the integrated GPU, i have tried another PSU and it does the same thing, this time i havent tried another GPU, last time i did and it still did the same thing. I used DDU as well but nothing seems to work. Anyone else have any ideas? You guys think the GP
  3. Wow, dude.. you know how useful this answer would be right now? 21/04/2020. I just bought a new mobo, i broke my cpu cooler, bought a new cooler, installed it, turn on the PC to find out i have the same problem... WITH A BRAND NEW MOBO! I just can't take it anymore, i'll sell it for whatever just to get the money back, no point in trying to fix it anymore cause i'm afraid i will run into the same problem.
  4. Thank you, sir. I am a noob at computers and stuff like this..
  5. I thought about that, but it went faulty after many hours and years of usage and i think i might be the responsible to kill that pcie, when i installed my cpu, probably some static energy or idk. I tried many things to fix but the pcie is dead, im 100% sure.
  6. Hey guys, i want to buy a new motherboard, cause this motherboard has the pcie slot dead. So yeah.. my motherboard is asrock h81m-vg4 r2.0 and i want to buy a asrock h81m-vg4 r3.0 Will it work for my specs: CPU Intel Core i3 4360 @ 3.70GHz 40 °C Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Storage 465GB SAMSUNG HD502IJ (SATA ) 21 °C PSU FSP ATX 350W PSU Power Supply ATX3530-HEN GPU Nvidia GeForce GT730 Will it work? Some opinions didnt hurt noone, so is good to ask. I know i have made a topic about
  7. First, excuse me because i might have chosen the wrong thread to post, my bad. But i got a question, my mobo failed and i need a new one cause i want to play games cause i'm on lockdown, don't have too much money and i am willing to spent what i have on a cheap mobo. What do you guys think about this one, is it compatible with my other hardware?? Here is the mobo that i want to buy: Acer H81H3-AD And here are my specs: Operating System Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU Intel Core i3 4360 @ 3.70GHz 40 °C Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
  8. Wow man.. just happen to be in your boots as well. Crazy how many people got this problem, at this moment. Like i upgraded my CPU, played for 2 hours, turned it off, went to sleep, woke up, start the computer just to find out it does not work. My gpu fans are going 100% and i have tried every damn thing. I'll buy a new Motherboard, hope it fixes the problem.
  9. I restarted the bios by jumper, i did plugged another video card in to see if it works and it does not. I don't have another PSU, but i think it is indeed a faulty motherboard or the slot.
  10. Everything is plugged in, i checked everything again. On bios everything is good.