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  1. So I got (2) of these LG monitors. Actually got them for $310 each which I think is good deal. I also jut got a Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 4 and thr docking station. Problem is monitor only has (1) display port and (2) HDMI. The laptop and docking station only have HDMI and Thunderbolt 3, they have no display ports. What would be the best cable connection for my monitor to have best clarity. The monitor will only be used for veiwing pdf construction drawings, which sometimes have a lot of details and symbols. Thank you very much for any feedback, I really appreciate it. From what I
  2. Is it possible to find? Only using it to view B&W PDF construction plans and do on screen take off with my estimating software? Will be viewing some other Microsoft Office docs on it sometimes..not a lot. Thank you.
  3. Thanks a lot guys. Next question. Just bought a business Lenovo 2in1 laptop. It has Intel UHD 620 graphics card. Will that support 4K? Hope so. Can't return laptop so if it won't support the 4k resolution monitor guess I'll have to go with QHD. Sorry guys looks like it is. Questions seems to be the cable i use to connect as the HDMI is limited to 1.4. have to check my laptop config for the ports. I have Lenovo X1 yoga gen 4 https://superuser.com/questions/1475282/intel-hd-graphics-620-does-my-display-adapter-support-hdmi-2-0-necessary-for-a
  4. Hello all. Can't find the answer anywhere on the web..lol I'm an electrical estimator who does on screen takes off's with my estimating program. I import strickly B&W pdf drawings(36"x48" drawings). I'm getting a 32" monitor. Obviously I'd like to be able to see entire drawing CLEARLY on screen without having to zoom in but i'd need 8k 50"..lol So will a 4k monitor provide much clearer lines, symbol details than QHD at the same magnifications(zoom) than the QHD. Would I be able to see more of the drawing clearer with 4k or QHD. Hope I make sense in my question. Thank you VERY muc