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    StonerNixon reacted to Kilrah in Rx 580 no second display . Please help before I brake this card   
    Then the card is just fine but that monitor is gone. 
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    StonerNixon reacted to SkilledRebuilds in Should this pc be this slow ?   
    I forgot but shouldn't have...
    Update the Boards Bios, even on those cheaper boards, it's likely never ever ever been updated in its life by users.
    My Phenom2 I mentioned had 20second BIOS boots, now 3seconds, RAM OC's went up, (compatibility/stability) <-- probably your big issue
    OR... the CPU is too powerful for that VRM setup and it throttling due to VRM not having heatsinks, and paired with a 6core (even the lower end 6 core) is prob too much for it. (Somewhat helped if you aim a fan at it) While the CPU can take 60-70*c+ the VRM's on some boards are hard coded to throttle at much less... (60-65*c) and without heatsinks or a fan aimed at that area, that could be the case for slowness.

    Worth every free penny...to Bios update... I really recommend trying that and then revisiting the board when you can give 2fux
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    StonerNixon reacted to ne10g in Friend across the world , bad ping , any fixes ?   
    Essentially the issue is ah his end, the source. So whatever you do at your end will make little difference, the problems are with his initial connection to the web.
    However...that may not mean there is nothing that can be done. Some things to consider (which actually you are kind of almost getting at)
    Where does he mainly need to connect to (end point) Is there a better route to this end point?  
    For the above, the way to look at it is. Your friend connects from his ISP (source) and ultimately struggles with slow speed at somewhere down the line (end point) so he wants to find out is there a better route to take to get to the end point. Think traffic in a city, taking another route to get to the destination faster.
    A way he could try quite easily is a VPN. The connecting to different locations (services provide lots!) and see how it performs with each.
    Have a look for some free trials of different VPN services before spending any money as it may not help and it could be that his ISP just had crappy routing to everywhere no matter what! 
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Friend across the world , bad ping , any fixes ?   
    Not just bad ping , but slow download speeds. He’s a streamer and relies on his internet  so I want to do what I can to help. Close friend , so I trust him enough with my IP and stuff . So is it possible for me to set up an old Dell server ive got as something for him to remote into for internet access ? He lives in India and we live in Canada and the US , so he gets like 300 ping and it’s bad lol there has to be some way to make things easier right ? 
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from Mark Kaine in What is the best GPU I own ?   
    I bought a bunch of stuff second hand because I was building a computer for a friend who ended up not wanting to pay , so seeing if I already have the best configuration and then planed on selling the rest as whole desktops to people who can’t afford top of the line
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from Mark Kaine in What is the best GPU I own ?   
    These are already what I’m running  
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    StonerNixon reacted to Moonzy in How do pc gamers seamlessly switch headsets while still playing their game ?   
    some apps/games actually lock onto the device that is active on windows it when it starts running, but change to another active device when previous active device is unplugged, and not switch back when you plug it in
    maybe you have to change it in game after plugging it in, if it's already running
    or disable other output/input in windows, so it doesnt pick them up
    had this issue with discord
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from r2724r16 in How do pc gamers seamlessly switch headsets while still playing their game ?   
    Like I must be fuckin stupid or something . I know that what I’m asking , has probably never happened to anyone before . But if I start a game and my headsets not plugged in , and I plug it in after I open the game . The sound just comes through my surround sound not headset . If I have the headset plugged in before I open the game I’m fine . If my headset unplugs in the middle of a game , and I plug it back in . Nothing . On apex people can’t even hear me when I’m talking , but my stream is picking up me and my voice .. I 100% don’t believe this is a real problem . It’s as fake as corna 😂 ps4 and Xbox ,one wireless headset dies and you just swap and keep going ... on pc , how do it do that ? Because I’m getting no such luck. And it’s becoming a real piss off when my cat decides to knock my headset out while I’m playing a game, and then have to restart the game in order to get my headset to work again . Fallout76 , the microphone aspect of it works , but no game sound . Apex , there’s sometime game sound and other teammates mic’s , but not mine . And the onlllllyyy way I’ve found of getting to just work again , without having to unplug and replug things in , the only way , was restarting the game . And I know that’s not what PC gamers do . It’s annoying as fuck for 1 and 2 pc gamers like red blue and green light you guys are eccentric and over the top . So if there’s something someone dosnt like , you guys have a solution always . So I know these problems I’m dealing with are bullshit and fake lol so how do I fix it ? 
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    StonerNixon reacted to GenericFanboy in Mirror display for a stream , from a friends computer?   
    Ofcourse you could stream that, Just record that screen  They'll be able to take over and do whatever they want to.
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    StonerNixon reacted to rapidkillerx in Webcam no drivers , but audio works ?   
    lmao that camera angle had me worried for a bit
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    StonerNixon reacted to Slottr in Linus is spying on me somehow 😂   
    Status update material
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    StonerNixon reacted to Kaleb Janzen in Now I’ve seen some shit ...   
    Looks like something Spider-Man would set up
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    StonerNixon reacted to Radium_Angel in Orange pc build help please?   
    This man may be of some help finding orange parts
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    StonerNixon reacted to SpookyCitrus in Orange pc build help please?   
    Finding a motherboard for EOL CPUs like that in the color scheme you're looking for is going to be tough a lot of the boards alone are at or over your total budget. The only processor of the three you have that would even be worth putting money into(barely) is the i5.
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    StonerNixon reacted to Lurick in Router daisy chain ?   
    Storage, you could hook up an external USB HDD and share it over the network.
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from wkdpaul in Would like to say sorry , and also...   
    First I want to start this off by apologizing to everyone in the community. Or atleast those affected by my anger and outburst . 
    just 3 very random questions .
    Is it safe to run a computer during a thunderstorm?
    is it safe to run a computer while the city’s entire power is flickering (not from the storm , just to many plugging in their ac’s all at once or something) ? 
    and last , humidity. Say my house has an 80% humidity level for whatever god awful reason , is it safe to run electronics not even just a computer lol cause it’s so humid I myself can barley breath , so I can imagine the damage it would do to the hardware . 
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    StonerNixon reacted to mackay_jason in Can I get some help please ?   
    btw love the desk top pic
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    StonerNixon reacted to ShrimpBrime in Wtf is this ?   
    It's not labeled because it only fits proprietary socket configuration. The pin layout would fry your card. Definitely don't force that into a PCI-E slot lol. 
    If I'm not mistaken, it fits the 2nd 8 pin CPU power on top end boards. Since I've never had a board with 2 8 pin connectors, I cannot actually confirm that personally. 
    Both my Antec's have the same exact unlabeled connector. for 10 years they just dangle off the side of the bench
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in Wtf is this ?   
    Trying get an answer ASAP I’m literally in the middle of a build . Though this 8 pin , straight 8 pin , no 6+2 no 4+4 just straight 8 . I thought this 8 pin was graphics card . Apparently not it dosnt fit in . So I thought Ouhkay maybe it’s the 4+4 for the cpu power . And it’s different layout . So what the hell is this ? 
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from Algebruh in What the fuck ?   
    Getting kind of sick of having to post every fucking breath I take as a question. But since you know I apparently don’t know fuck all . Why isn’t this mining ? The 1030 I had in here before was mining fine ? I toss this card in and it just says error ? Also maybe if this fucking program was a little more first time user friendly , I wouldn’t be having issues . Like what the fuck program says oh yeah you’ve got an error .... oh sorry you also wanted to know exactly what error that is ? Fuckin beats me buddy couldn’t tell , but you shits not working the way you want 😂 ffs man . 
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    StonerNixon reacted to wkdpaul in why cant i figure out how to download a simple file ?   
    * thread cleaned *
    if you're not interested in helping, then please don't post.
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    StonerNixon reacted to Jumballi in Why did my motherboard blow a capacitor?   
    no problem, also in the future @Jumballi or quote me so I get pinged, I wouldn't have noticed you responded if I hadn't forgotten to close the tab.
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from Eschew in Just an odd question for you guys xD   
    Bro that looks freaking sickkkkkkkkk and I love the idea  perfect for a LAN party 😂 but yeah I’m one of those weirdos too that builds on the floor , even though I have a dedicated table 😂 but I feel like I need a ice bath 😂 who knew being a nerd had just as much muscle pain as being a jock 
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    StonerNixon got a reaction from WereCat in O.o   
    Can I have someone look at me the way Linus looks at Luke 😂