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  1. this is a recording in audacity . you can see the static is still there . ltt audio test.mp3
  2. I have tried another and there’s still the same white noise :/ I’ve tried the fifine mic recommended by LTT lol @NinJake
  3. @NinJake @tikker yes it’s a shitty headset . But this headset has never sounded like this before. Now there is sooooooooo much static that my streams are literally in watchable . I’m streaming yet again today , look and the audio . I’m literally about to just give up and sell the fucking computer
  4. Only one scene with one video source , and that’s the game capture . I have 5 scenes in total . Can i just add another one and leave it blank and will that work for the test?
  5. @NinJake I have record with streamlabs obs , and just regular obs . Haven’t tried audacity yet but I can. And what do you mean by just the audio source ? I probably haven’t done that cause idk what you mean mate
  6. It’s nothing to do with my system because the problem persists across two different machines
  7. @NinJake core i7 6700 RX580 12 gigs of ram Corsair AIO.
  8. I’ve been asking on like 30 different post . There’s literally zero reason my audio should sound like it dose , I have friends that stream and discord audio is perrrrrfectly fine . It’s just me . And mine . And I’m going to fucking snap soon. Most recent video , watch at the very end if there’s nothing at the beginning. I just ended the stream because of the audio issues , I heard the issues and ended so I know there in that stream .
  9. @Kilrah @TheInfinityBacon @WaggishOhio383 Ouhkay so update , the power randomly went out across the entire city.... I was working on the computer , just streaming . And the power flickers and comes back on 30 secs later . Now the second display is 100% not registering at all . When I boot up it shots the acer logo for my mobo , I can boot into bios and see the bios on that monitor, but the second it gets to windows , it’s not detected anymore , and it dosnt even phase into existence. It’s just gone . I’m writing this quickly before swapping that monitor to another computer and seeingn if it st
  10. Yes everything’s up to drivers are up to date , I’ve tried every combo of cords , just the tv works and when I try just the monitor, it’s still staticky and flashy @Kilrah @TheInfinityBacon
  11. Yes I have cleared the CMOS after every graphics swap I’ve done @WaggishOhio383
  12. I’ve made atleast 6 post about this , to absolutely no help . Just people going oh shit eh mine dosnt do that .. The gpu worked seemingly fine he first 2 days, after the second display would have to phase itself into existence. It would start black then static and then flash for 5-20 mins and then would work without issue the rest of the day. Corsair cx650 watt power supply and it’s what I suspect to me my problem. While playing rocket League the card only draws 127w and nothing more . So theoretically it’s the power supply causing my issues? But after reading thousands
  13. Third post now I’ve made , I really need some help or atleast an answer on weather or not I should get my money back . RX 580 , no second display . It phases itself into existence. Starts with a black screen , then static , then after 5 mins of flashes it finally displays something . After a restart the display stays working . corsair cx 650 power supply , and now think this is what’s causing issues. Today I notice the fans on the graphics card weren’t spinning at all .