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  1. It's an old A320 board, I was planning to upgrade it eventually, but I'm not upgrading now since prices has gone up and stuff... maybe later. and I'm pretty sure my current motherboard only has one M.2 slot, and It's not possible I think to repair the slot yourself (?) (if the problem is indeed the slot)
  2. Is it really? I'm kinda worried It's the M.2 slot (because I'd have to change my motherboard If I ever want to use M.2 again).
  3. So I have some problems with my M.2 SSD, I don't know whether It's the SSD itself or the M.2 slot in the motherboard. couple of weeks ago my PC failed to boot up, the error was something like "can't access the boot drive", I was booting from my M.2 SSD so I figured my SSD could be broken or the M.2 slot is broken, so I boot my PC from another SSD (SATA) and It worked which confirms that the problem must be in the SSD/slot. but the weird thing is after I boot from another drive, the M.2 SSD was detected but It was unallocated, which is weird because I obviously have a lot of files i
  4. definitely not the only person mate I love friends. I don't know why but lately I've been listening to a lot of Fall Out Boy.
  5. Thanks for all the recommendation guys! since a lot of people is recommending FFX, I guess I'll start with that and see If I like it or not.
  6. wait so should I buy a console for FF? is the PC port bad or something?
  7. without the quote python might confused the string with other identifier (variables, constant, etc).
  8. So I've been wanting to try playing FF games, but there are so many of them and there are things like dissidia or something like that (what is that exactly?) so I'm kinda lost right now. Is the story connected? as in do I need to play previous FF games before the new one or not?. It's really overwhelming so anyone has a simple guide on this series or recommendation on which FF games I should play? Thank you!
  9. wait I don't know If I'm doing anything wrong but It's still not free for me?
  10. well first, you have a typo, It should be smtp instead of smpt. edit: I see that's not the main cause of the error (It would still cause it later tho). I think you need to declare the email correctly since that's not a string declaration. also, check If you mixed tabs and spaces.
  11. So non-commercial use is still free right? I used Qt a lot in my projects which requires GUI for CS classes, otherwise I'd have to look for other free frameworks then.
  12. currently I'm trying to learn korean as much as possible. (or my dad would be dissapointed lol) other than that I've been learning new tech stack to strengthen my CS resume. Oh and I've been binging The Office for awhile now (It's really good).
  13. Yes! finally someone mentiones HZD for PC
  14. didn't expect this many replies but thanks guys for the suggestion! Thank you @5x5 for the suggestion, my main concern is definitely my crappy A320 but won't the new B550/B650 with ryzen 5 4600 get over $400? @maxdei I'm pretty sure I can't afford an RTX with my current income but thanks for the suggestion @ShinRamen True, and thanks for picking up the parts for me that's really handy (I guess a 3600 was within the budget huh, I thought It would be more expensive than 2600).