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  1. i wanna be playing at 1440p but it depends on the monitor i get
  2. im looking to buy the rtx 3070 but due to its £499 price tag most of my budget will be blown so im wondering whether if i use a cheaper cpu like a ryzen 5 3500x or even a ryzen 5 3600. also it would be really nice if you guys could tell me how much bottleneck i would be getting if any. Thanks in advance!
  3. my imac early 2008,after a hard drive replacement attempt which failed a holding alt/options never seemed to allow me to select boot options, suddenly started turning off after reaching halfway on the progress bar while booting. After my hard drive replacement attempt it did boot up fine a every thing seemed fine but every time i booted it up after it seemed to get slower with every boot and before it stopped booting alltogether it would take 20 minuted just to open chrome and even longer to get to a webpage. i heard that it was a temperature issue but i replaced the temperature sensor and eve
  4. Thanks for the response, the Mac we’re talking about has 6gb ram and an upgraded gpu ( I didn’t install it so idk which one ) and I’m trying to install an sshd. Also it was pretty fast even before all my upgrades which I did only 5 months ago. So with a patcher I could get Mojave but will the patcher work on a new storage thing? Also for some reason I can never seem to boot off a usb or even find one when I hold option key so is there any way I could preload it on to the sshd with my laptop?
  5. im planning to replace the hard drive in my imac 2008 which is currently running el capitan 10.11, i was wondering if i could install mac os mojave which i have on a bootable drive?
  6. Do you need a specific motherboard for gpu overclocking i have an i3 9100f and gtx 1070, also what motherboard would you recommend
  7. https://www.ebuyer.com/879071-eg-360p-halo-360mm-water-radiator-with-rgb-cooling-fans-gi-ah360p you can find all the pictures here
  8. so this is a 360mm, supposedly aura sync compatible, rgb, liquid cooler FOR JUST £35, I want to buy it but i feel like its too good to be true. does anyone have any reviews or experience with these coolers? should i buy it? also...theres a 120mm version for£18 and a 240mm version for £25.
  9. my build is going to include an i3 9100f, a gtx 1070 and 16gb ram and i wanna overclock the ram and gpu to thier max - what psu do you think i should get?
  10. need cheap 700w psu quick, the cheapest 80 plus was an aerocool integrator 700 but it was used for three years and the pictures show it to be really dusty. should i buy or not and what should i expect? if u have any other psu suggestions tell me as well (£35)
  11. ive been using geforce now founders for about a month now on my old imac 2008 (which still runs well) but whatever game iplay and whatever settings i do, on my imac, on geforce now or even on the game the screen is always super blury like its on a lower resolutuon ive looked on th nvidia forums too and ther seems to be a bunch of other people with the same problem but no ones come up with a solution pls help
  12. would something better be the gtx 1070 (regular or ti) (Im new to this)