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  1. sorry for reviving this ancient thread but you can try out jacknet rgb sync
  2. Ok. I have a chance to remove the bottom fans cuz I need to mount a reservoir.
  3. Ryzens have more cpu control software and other bells and whistles with it. It's your choice.
  4. Yeah but i7 9700K is newer so it comes with its own benefits.
  5. You need clock speeds mate. Those xeons are meant for multi threaded stuff. And gaming needs more clock speed per thread. Not much games can take advantage of multi threading.
  6. Games require higher single core clocks but xeons only have more core with lesser clock speed and lesser power consumption which is only ideal for workstations and servers. That's why xeons are "server" CPUs.
  7. Check the motherboard manual properly. There is 1 4-pin header for RGB in the board. Get an RGB hub with suitable number of ports and plug in all your devices into it. PWM fan hubs also work.
  8. If you're using a GTX 1070 then I would recommend you get a Ryzen 7 3700X or an Intel i7 9700K. Server CPUs are not meant for gaming. Xeons bottleneck everything below GTX 1080 Ti.
  9. Actually I have a radiator in the front top and side so would it be balanced if I add two intakes in the bottom? Plus, each of the 140mm fans have 100+ CFM airflow and 2 mm/h2o static pressure and the 120mm fans have 80+ CFM airflow and 2.78mm/h2o static pressure.
  10. What if I flip the side exhaust fans into intake ones? Cuz i need those side fans for a radiator
  11. Actually its 5 in 5 out in your scenario including the psu fan
  12. I think the question pretty much describes it. My case is a Thermaltake View 71 and each of my fans (irrespective of size) are the Fractal Design Prisma PWMs. My PCs airfloe chart is attached. Should I reverse the airflow for the side fans to equalize the pressure? Feel free to comment.