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  1. You liked the PCMR version more? it was not so bright and transparent I dont know if buy it or other case like Evolv X
  2. I think to add the Phanteks Evolv X to this question.
  3. You are talking about the regular version of O11?
  4. Which is more special you think? the antec cost doubled in the price but worth it? it was very massive and open case.. it was got dust faster?
  5. Yeah but I dont know if I like it or not.. I have dilemma because it was limited edition and out of stock soon.
  6. See the videos of this case.. the RGB isnt so bright
  7. You think that this version was worth it and special? or it was only less transparent version and thats it? I think it was same effect as the 570X from Corsair.
  8. So what you think? If I will buy r5 3600 + new ram and mobo it is like buying new pc
  9. Specs: i5 3470 8GB RAM HD7970 Maybe I can buy used GTX1080 and if my processor was create some problem, maybe I can buy used I7 3770 and upgrade to 16GB RAM. maybe all of this are 400$. Worth it? and maybe I create some custom loop on my system for 300$.
  10. Because maybe I want custom loop in my next rig so I want to try it now.. but it was risky and maybe I will destroy my hardware
  11. I didnt buy expensive loop.. maybe aliexpress from byksky
  12. I have right now old pc and I dont know if to try made some custom loop for training. i5 3470 8GB RAM HD7970 DUAL-X what you think? It was recommend or it was cause a problems and risky?
  13. I think I will want only new hardware