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    iHacKZz_v1 got a reaction from NZKshatriya in Quick question on Laptop soldered memory   
    Okay so I have a zephyrus laptop and I'm sort of confused. It has 16 gb of memory. The first 8 gbs is soldered to the board and I have 1 sodimm slot that came with a 8 gb stick installed. 
    My question is how do they expect me to upgrade the memory and keep dual channel mode ? Wouldnt they have realized if I upgrade my memory to the next level up, I'll basically be slowing down my pc? Or is there something I don't know about soldered memory where I can upgrade my ram and keep it in dual channel? Or does asus not think that far ahead that maybe I'll eventually want more memory and I basically won't be able to upgrade because I'll be giving up dual channel, at which point it better for me to never upgrade it because it will be pointless to have more ram if it's not running in dual channel? 
    Smh so disappointed with asus. What happened to them over the last few years. I was a huge dan and now the more I use this zephyrus, the more and more disappointed I am with them. What kind of pc manufacturer doesn't give me 1 stick soldered and 1 stick open to let me upgrade memory but at the cost of such an important feature such as dual channeling memory sticks. Why not just put me out of my misery and just solder both sticks!?!?!? This is fu***** bu**s***. 
    Never again will I buy an ultra slim laptop. Especially an Anus RogPOS. (Yes, it's bef spelled correctly)