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  1. try using afterburner to downclock the gpu. Maybe its because the default OC settings are causing problems. The black screen thing usually happens to me when I'm trying to overclock my gpu.
  2. Hey guys so I have a minor problem that I'd like to fix if its possible. So I have an MSI gaming laptop and the thunderbolt port is acting really weird. What I mean by "weird" is that it works completely fine except when I'm trying to charge my phone thru it. I usually use the port for an external m2 drive (its in an adaptor with a thunderbolt port) and it works fine. I'm getting the speeds I should be getting when I run tests but when I unplug the hdd and charge my phone, my phone says "fast charging" but the percentage doesn't go up whatsoever; stuck at whatever percentage I plu
  3. So this a weird problem. So I'm trying to mount my m2 drive to my asus motherboard and there is no threads for the m2 screw to go into. I mounted the m2 and I have one of the screws but the motherboard doesn't have thread in the 2280 m2 hole. Its just a hole. There are threads for the other sizes of m2 but specificially for the 2280 there is no thread on the motherboard itself for the m2 screw to screw into. Not sure why its missing the thread only on the 2280 size slot. Is there anything I can do about this? The hole is a little bigger than the m2 screw so I literall
  4. Are the IC graphite thermal pads any good compared to Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut? On a thin gaming laptop? I have a Zeohyrus and my CPU cores get to 98° when gaming sometimes. I've never had it lag or have any performance drops whatsoever but I've replaced all the thermal pads with Thermal Grozzly Minus Pad 8 and the thermal paste with Thermal Gri,zly Kryonaut and let the computer sit overnight even though there was no set time needed just to be sure and it still runs fu***** HOT. When I play certain games for a long time, I wouldnt be able to use the WASD keys because of the heat on the keyboar
  5. Gotha thanks. Before I bought the laptop, it said I could upgrade the memory. It didn't say that one stick was soldered. I assumed upgradeable meant I could take out parts and replace them. But only 1 of the sticks were removable.
  6. Okay so I have a zephyrus laptop and I'm sort of confused. It has 16 gb of memory. The first 8 gbs is soldered to the board and I have 1 sodimm slot that came with a 8 gb stick installed. My question is how do they expect me to upgrade the memory and keep dual channel mode ? Wouldnt they have realized if I upgrade my memory to the next level up, I'll basically be slowing down my pc? Or is there something I don't know about soldered memory where I can upgrade my ram and keep it in dual channel? Or does asus not think that far ahead that maybe I'll eventually want more memory and I
  7. After tweaking with this crap for hours, I finally figured out the issue. So the intel i7 7700HQ (Kaby Lake) processor is set to automatically over clock due to the shitty stock asus comman center app. Once I set my max processor to 99% in power settings and undervolting a little using Intel XTU, I'm getting 85°C average on all cores. I can run Doom Eternal on Ultra Nightmare at 120+ fps and maintain under 90°C. Turns out I probably never needed to even replace the thermal paste in the first place. Asus just has horrible software for controlling the cpu overclock. The only available options ar
  8. I'm pretty sure copper is fine with liquid metal. Its only aluminum that gets corroded
  9. But when I run Doom Eternal*** And I used Kryonaut for the CPU and GPU and thermal pads just for the GPU Ram chips.
  10. Okay so I replaced it all with .5 pads. Made sure it was all touching and it's all on point. But why I run Doom Eternal on top settings, my CPU still get super hot.... Core #0 hit 98° Core #1 hit 93° Core #2 hit 95° Core #3 hit 92° I made sure I applied the right thermal paste and cut the thermal pads to the correct sizes. Is there a reason this it's still running so hot? Specs are: Core i7 7700HQ NVIDIA GTX 1080 Max-Q Any reason this is happening? Maybe it's just the layout of the laptop is horrible. The cpu and gpu are right next to each
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I had already order more Kryonaut and .5 mm % Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 and it's about to be here today. I also did google what size pad I need and didnt find anything. If .05 doesnt fit, can I stack them on top of each other? I'm assuming not since air bubble will most likely get in there but just wondering so I dont have to re order them. And is thermal pads better than the putty stuff or do I need to get more thermal putty? Im mainly doing this cuz my cpu temps hit 95, max 98°C when I play doom eternal on the top settings. It doesnt lag at all but my laptop ge