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  1. What’re you wanting to use the PC for specifically? Gaming, content creation, video stuff/audio stuff for work? Awesome stuff so far though
  2. This is what I have so far, any different recommendations in the gpu? I’m a simple guy playing destiny cod and dota and wow until I’m more immersed in the PC world
  3. So far I’m sitting on: corsair 570 xt case h150ipro x6 LL 120 mm fans commander pro( connected with 2 rgb hubs through the LED plug ins on the pro) ASUS crosshair hero MBD 4x8 ram (32gb) 2 tb ssd. Could you please tell me absolute best cpu gpu combo for this so far and then what gpu would work best for what I actually want? Just wanting to know please. Thanks for your help so far ShinRamen!!
  4. And yes I am buying in the US
  5. I don’t really have one honestly I’ve been getting what I think I like, and now I’m at the point where i know I don’t want or need a 3900x with a Titan gpu ya know? I’d guess that all in all my builds in the 2000-2300 range from everything I’ve already got to these last few things to get
  6. So far I have 2 tb mp600 ssd, 4x8 Corsair (3200) on the crosshair MBD. I know I’m kinda building in a funky way
  7. You’re right it’s a bit over kill cause since I’m new I don’t plan to overclock just yet. I was just giddy and wanted the lighting but okay that will save me some cash in the cpu side but for gpu you mentioned the Radeon 5700xt right? Is the sapphire nitro plus essentially the 5700 xt only with a ton of lights? The other gpu I like are the EVGA but the only 2070 I see are the super ultras
  8. Hey all! So I’m almost don’t with my first pc build. I’m doing lots of rgb lighting from the six fans being corsairs LL and the h150i pro along with a few led strips. My question is for my cpu and gpu. I’m looking to play like destiny and dota and wow, but also experiment since there are more pc games out there. So some first person shooter some MOBA. I know I need a higher end monitor to match with whatever gpu I go with, so, what is a good 600 dollar (around that) gpu to match with say a ryzen 7 3800 or 3700? Or would a 5 suffice? I’ve looked at radeons sapphire nitro, EVGA 2070 supers, ASUS