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  1. As i was testing out Far Cry 4 with the max settings i noticed that my Ryzen 5 3600 was hitting temperatures from 87°C to 98°C at a usage of only 24-30% (according to MSI Afterburner)! is there a way to utilise more usage of the CPU in return of lower temperatures? the CPU is equipped with the stcok cooler. thank you to everyone who takes the time to respond .
  2. it dosnt show up in device manager and i dont have a second pcie slot. Neither do i a have an external monitor right now but good idea! thanks
  3. An ASUS Vivobook X542UN, i5 8th gen processor and an mx150
  4. Hey guys! I hooked up my GTX 1060 to my laptop through an exp gdc beast but none of the fans spin when i turn on the power supply and nothing is working. It can't be the fault of my power supply because its a 550watt which is enough strenght for a GTX 1060. Does anyone have ideas? Could it be that the exp gdc is broken?
  5. I ran DDU in safe mode and reinstalled the drivers but it still says error 43 . i think im ready to jump to the conclusion that the gpu is in fact dead :(((( thank you very much for your help though i appreciate it a lot.
  6. I did use DDU but not in safe mode, just to clarify, should i unplug the gpu from the exp gdc before running DDU? thank you so much!
  7. So im on a laptop and I recently bought a GTX 1050 Ti and im running it off an exp gdc beast. device manager said it reported a problem, therefore the gpu cannot be used and i thought: hm ok no problem youtube can help (it didnt). i tried older drivers, recovery settings, disabling inegrated graphichs etc. but i dont know what else i can do. any sugesstions? Specs: windows 10 64bit latest version MX150 (if provlem gets fixed then GTX1050Ti) i5 8th gen