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  1. I recently changed my cpu from i5-2500 to i5-3470 and my gpu from rx480 to rx580 but the games I want to play (fortntie, apex, cold war, fivem, modern warfare) will perform under 25FPS. The only game I have that performs higher than 50FPS is Rust and Rocket League. Ive factory reseted my pc, updated drivers but still nothing. The games even struggle to run at low settings. What should I do? old specs: Dell OptiPlex 7010 i5-2500 16GB Ram RX480 120GB SSD 3TB HDD 500W APEVIA PSU new specs: Dell OptiPlex 7010 i5-3470 16GB Ra
  2. Ive reseated the cpu already and it only went in one way, and 4 pin wire that I connect to the cpu only goes to the one further from the cpu it doesn't fit in the one closest to it
  3. Yes its in right and locked in. I don't see how you can insert a ram upside down
  4. @Slayerking92 Do I need 2 press a certain button when i first turn it on?
  5. @Slayerking92 I only plugged in the 4 pin not 8
  6. @PyroTheWise okay I put 1 ram in 1 slot then turn and i kept doing this I even did it with the other stick but still making the beeping noise. The picture that i circled could that be the reason why its beeping
  7. @PyroTheWiseI've looked at the support list and I saw my ram on the list and my BIOS version is F40
  8. Hi, I'm trying to build my first gaming pc but everytime I turn it on it makes continuous beeping noises. I found out that my ram wasn't compatible so I bought a new one, but it's still doing the same thing I really need help. Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H motherboard ryzen 3 3200g ryzen 7 rgb cooler Viper PV48G300C6K 8GB