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  1. Thanks, do have a short explanation for me what NB is exactly?
  2. Which LLC option do I have to select? Which one does what?
  3. Hello, because of a holiday job I have just 500€ at hand, so I wanted to replace my 2600X with a 3900X, because in CPU intensive games like Battlefield, but also in video editing and rendering my RTX 2070 gets a CPU bottleneck here and there. Now to my question: Does it make sense to keep my B450 Tomahawk or should I buy a X570 board? Especially since the Tomahawk is always called one of the, if not the, best B450 board and especially the VRMs are well suited for OC. I'm not very interested in PCie 4.0, because I only have a M.2 Sata SSD installed. Besides the monetary aspect, replacing the