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  1. and everyone knows how powerfull this device is, the only problem is power throttling
  2. and i kinda like this device, i just want them to release a stable bios cuz in the past people who bought this laptob was ok with i think 205 or 204 bios version
  3. i dont know what the fuck is wrong with asus , why they cant release a stable bios
  4. im from iran, and my room is kinda cool, the fact is now with our new bios update 302 the throttling happens with you play with Trubo mode or when laptob get higher than 90c , but in the past it was about 90~100c ,this explains tht it is lowering the power to stop thethrottling
  5. and you cant play with the maximum power tht your laptop can give you
  6. hey guys i just updated my bios to 302 and it looks fine, but the problem is now cpu kinda force it self at lower frequncy 3.30ghz and limited temp upto 89 and it still has the lag
  7. I did that too but sometimes i think you wont get smooth fps, its like 120 suddenly it goes to 60 or 70 and it goes back to 120, its not graphics fault cuz it is powerfull and it can keep fram rates to 120
  8. Guys i think i found solution temporary to stop throttling, just max these settings at "Ryzen Controller": Temperature Limit (C): 110 CPU TDP (W): 60 CPU Boost Period: 3600 CPU Boost TDP (W): 60 CPU Min TDP (W): 60 These options allow you to play smoothly but remember it can cuase sometimes malfunction and your device can get pretty hot but you wont have drop fps or throttling again. Just test it guys and tell me the results And i have little problem, i dont know why but sometimes my screen freezes especially at windows