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  1. A white vinyl eraser cut in half sits underneath both my laptop's rear feet. It adds maybe a half-inch of extra height to the rear of the laptop, providing it with less restrictive airflow and, thus, a modest temperature decrease. Repasting the CPU and GPU also helped, plus an undervolt. Altogether, a massive drop in temperatures.
  2. This was a fun read. But this crap you've written seriously misses the point. One thing you should learn is that it is never fair or useful to make large sweeping statements about an entire class of people. Are there lawyers that lie? Yes. Is every lawyer a liar? No. Are UELAs problematic? Yes. Does the person who wrote the UELA become a liar or a bad person because they have written it favourably for their client? No. End of discussion. As for the actual news article: One legal issue I see here is that the Creation
  3. To be fair, my interpretation was that you were arguing that content-creators deserve protection on the basis that they are similar to employees. I agree that there is an argument to make that the law should offer more protection to content-creators but the situation is nuanced and I don't think they're analogous to employees. That was my point. We've got to understand that content-creators have the privilege of using YouTube's service to disseminate content. I use the word privilege because there is no right to having access to an online platform for sharing video content. So wit
  4. (Note: I am just addressing this portion of your comment) YouTube is not necessarily an employer even-though it pays content-creators. In my common-law jurisdiction (Canada, which is very similar to the US), there is a legal test that must be satisfied for a court to find that there is an employee-employer relationship. People have different rights vis-a-vis their 'income-providers' dependent on whether they are employees, contractors, or just volunteering. Many factors which would find in favour of an employee-employer relationship are not met here: YouTube does not control conten
  5. I agree that firing a person due to a mere single accusation is wrong. Due process is absolutely an important part of any employee-employer relationship. Frequently, employers are constantly punished for wrongful dismissal when they don't provide due process. But I can appreciate that, for individuals who sexually assaulted, abused, or harassed, going to court is the last thing they want to do. That's all my post was trying to illuminate. What would you do? I wouldn't suggest that you should live through something like that, but most women (and some men) unfortunately d
  6. But that is also why the judicial system has lost favour with a lot of people. When it comes to assaults, harassment, and other non-property related offences, the evidence generally boils down to the testimony of the complainant (i.e., the victim) and the testimony of any witnesses (if they're lucky) and the accused (the defence has no obligation to call the accused as a witness, so they'll generally refrain from doing so). When testimony is all you have as evidence, it becomes very difficult to proof someone's guilty beyond reasonable doubt and, worse yet, it will rely heavi
  7. An actual lawyer would say "it depends" and then bill you a thousand dollars for their time.
  8. Minecraft will be fine, from what I have heard at least. I am not so sure that it will work well with HL: Alyx though
  9. Sounds like it has a lot in common with something else that came out of Europe earlier this month...
  10. Someone forgot to read the rest of the thread before posting.
  11. 8'x8'x40' is 2560 cubic feet. I am surprised no one pointed this out.
  12. Update: A different firm has filed a lawsuit against CDPR. They don't have a lead plaintiff yet but shareholders can join the class-action lawsuit by filling out a form online. The basis of the lawsuit is that CDPR misled shareholders about the game by not informing them that it was virtually unplayable on the PS4 and Xbox One. More information in the link below: https://www-engadget-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.engadget.com/amp/cd-projekt-red-cyberpunk-2077-lawsuit-000527021.html?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQHKAFQArABIA%3D%3D#aoh=16090109027808&
  13. If you are upgrading your GPU down the line, it might be worthwhile to get a good 650 or 750 Watt PSU. There is a PSU tier list on the forum that should help you decide what PSU to get.
  14. I noticed the same. Either it is fake or the news article got it wrong.
  15. Yeah, I don't read or watch the Verge ever. So I don't know if this and the notorious Verge PC build are representative but it doesn't look good on them.