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    I live in Mexico, I work in Texas
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  1. bid oof, sorry. just, im used to admins not interacting with us peasants. all i know is that needed to fake my death now.
  2. i hope my usernames not causing logging issues or something. please dont assassinate me. i still need to see the next 500 marvel movies.
  3. banned for not bowing down to the goose Illuminati. the dancing parrot Illuminati is stupid
  4. what do ya mean? if its what i think it is, i dont want to know what the mods get freaky to here
  5. hi mods, I read community standards do i need to space everything out? on desktop, it heckin annoying to do social distancing sucks also, is english required on this forum or is spanish ok? and how do i add a text in the bottom field like everyone else?