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  1. Excellent, I think i will buy that one, noctua prices are insane here, but the arctic esports one is actually reasonably priced. Thank you very much!
  2. Thanks a lot! I apprecite the help a lot.
  3. Quick question, what kind of temps do the arctic esports one gives you? I am consifering that one and changing the fan for an ll 120
  4. I am terrified of an aio leaking on my pc again. I will check the cooler, although your dark rock suggestion I feel is the best. Thanks a lot.
  5. 100 USD tops, 100 USD, max size is 150mm height om the case.
  6. So, I am looking to switch the stock cooler on a new pc build for a better one for a mild overclock. The pc specs are as follow: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 ( Stock cooler) Mobo: Asrock b450M Steel legend RAM: Teamgeoup night hawk 3000 mhz rgb (quite tall, may interfere with a big cooler) GPU: MSI gaming X Radeon 5500 xt PSU: EVGA 600W 80 GOLD PLUS Case: Corsir 280x rgb I am running 7 ll120 fans as 2 fromt, 2 bottom intake and 2 top, 1 back exhaust. What would be the better cooling option? Also I am in Mexico so right now covid makes buying pretty hard
  7. I can but it does not seem to matter. Radiator fan goes 100% all the time. Let me explain in more detail. I have a total of 6 fans, and only 2 fan hubs in motherboard. Cpu fan goes to cpu fan on mobo. The other 5 go to the fan hub which is sata powered. The ones that are in the hub are the aio pump, the vrm fan in the g12, the radiator fan, and 2 140mm phanteks fans. I would like to be able to adjust any of them, they however are not pwm, but if I could lower the voltage via sys fan that would work too, since they would go slower.
  8. So, I have acqired a kraken g12 with a corsair h55 to cool my rx 580. That works great, however I cannot seem to be able to control the fans via the silverstone fan hub as they are awfully noisy. Is there a way to do this? I have a MSI b450 gaming ac itx mobo, so I only have a sys1_fan port which is where the hub is connected. Can I lower the fans rpm's?
  9. Thank you, I have narrowed ir down to either one of those, I will not be streaming but I will try with another ram first. Thanks!
  10. I have built a new pc but it appears to not be able to handle 1% lows very well, I have stuttering every few seconds. Any ideas I should try? Specs: MB: MSI B450 gaming plus AC Processor: Ryzen 3 2200g @ stock GPU: Asus Dual RX580 8gb @ stock Ram 2x4gb DDr4 Corsair Vengeance @ 3000MHz Kinston A400 256gb M.2 Sata SSD and a Seagate 1.5 Tb hard drive PsU: XPG Core reactor 650 W A video of the gameplay https://youtu.be/XTrvO5ATbGg Edit: I solved it! It appears that the chipset driver from msi does not work. I downloaded
  11. So what would you thinnk would be better, A) Go through the mod to get the pc OR B) Find a prebuilt system like the one above with a compatible case and psu
  12. So, with the quarantine being held in my country, i am looking at 30 days of not doing anything from home. So I have been thinking on "making" a gaming pc out of a HP pro desk g2, with an rx 580 used gpu. I am aware that i would have to aquire a new psu to be able to use the card and i would need a new case since the gpu does not fit in the hp case. However, I cannot find anything on the internet regarding compatibility with the screws on the motherboard ( I believe some OEM's make their own screw arrangements on the motherboard and the stand offs are not the same as any motherboard) and help