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  1. Informative
    shadow_ray reacted to igormp in Is RTX 3060ti 8GB good enough for Machine Learning/DL and Neural Network training?   
    Yeah, sure. Although most SOTA models want 11~12gb of vram, you work around that by reducing batch sizes, trimming down parameters and making full use of fp16.
    Heck, I used my previous 2060 Super for 2 years without many problems (although whenever I needed more vram, I just spun up a cloud v100 instance).
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    shadow_ray reacted to WillLTT in Want to learn coding in mobile   
    Alternative apps (quick google search):
    SoloLearn, i think its free based on their forum:
    Also if you want to program without an app like that:
    If you are on android, You can install
    Acode (Mobile IDE):
    Termux (linux shell for python and stuff):
    Theres VIM for android (if your into that kinda thing):
    My advice:
    Get a laptop or a chromebook, or something thats not as tiny as your phone, starring a long time at your phone programming is bad for your eyes, And its a miserabel experience on android, cant speak for iphone never tried.
    If you get a chromebook you can use sites like:
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    shadow_ray reacted to Levent in Want to learn coding in mobile   
    Install termux, install python in it, start developing python. 
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    shadow_ray reacted to pacmania1982 in Shooting a 500 Megapixel Photo!   
    I like to do this whilst on vacation. I used the 2x optical zoom on my iPhone 8 Plus when we were in the US last to make some massive panoramas of places such as the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. I took about 30 pictures and stitched them together in Photoshop. 

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    shadow_ray reacted to midzan21 in Shooting a 500 Megapixel Photo!   
    For all of you not on Floatplane here is G Drive link to full size images. Thank me later.
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    shadow_ray reacted to TheSleepy in Shooting a 500 Megapixel Photo!   
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    shadow_ray reacted to Adblocker in Shooting a 500 Megapixel Photo!   
    Please let us download the last photo 
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    shadow_ray reacted to SorryClaire in Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake T-Series 35W CPUs Reportedly Hit 4.9 GHz   
    The question is: How long?
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    shadow_ray reacted to Vishera in Developer suing Apple for (again) for stolen keyboard on new Apple Watch   
    Copy the product of the competition and use your dominance to get them out of the market.
    That pretty much is an attempt to monopolize the market,which is illegal.
  10. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to WolframaticAlpha in Developer suing Apple for (again) for stolen keyboard on new Apple Watch   
    The part about removing his app and then making yours the only choice is what gets me all fired up. Even in the past apple's sherlocking would leave the original program. This is so much more brazen.
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    shadow_ray reacted to AbydosOne in PiHole network wide WITHOUT router access   
    Based on my understanding, no.
    You could set your computer's DNS server IP to the local IP of the RasPi once it's been assigned an IP, but it's impossible to force every computer on a network to use a specific DNS without either the router (automatically) or you (manually) telling them to.
  12. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to Sauron in How to Make a Big Project?   
    Kinda hard to suggest something without knowing what the idea is... and do consider that if you pitch it for crowdfunding there's nothing stopping someone with more resources from just doing it themselves if they want to. What exactly do you feel you can bring to the table that others couldn't? Ideas on their own aren't worth very much.
    The easiest and safest way to go about it is to start an open source project on github and see if people are interested in helping.
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    shadow_ray reacted to noodle with crab in C++ reading out an unknown length array   
    This is NOT an "array".
    This is a snippet of JSON, so use JSON tool to read it is the best solution.
    Please see https://github.com/nlohmann/json and use json.hpp to parse it. This is called "deserialize" a json string.
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    shadow_ray reacted to Avocado Diaboli in How are we going to do this?   
    I love how Linus and Jake were trying to spot each other basically at sea level at a distance of 5 km. At that distance, the curvature of the Earth literally hides anything smaller than 2 meters. And that's not even accounting for waves or tides or other optical nonsense from evaporation. Funny how even non-flat Earthers can forget that we live on a globe. 
  15. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Help to create a script to sort files based on timestamp.   
    What OS?
    You can do this pretty easily with find in linux and most of *nix oses, then you can apply a action to the files its found.
  16. Informative
    shadow_ray got a reaction from Rarespecial in Android Studio predictive coding   
    ctrl + space
  17. Informative
    shadow_ray got a reaction from Parvesh Khatri in How to get all the built-in functions in python   
    Python standard (built in) lib. docs: https://docs.python.org/3/library/index.html
    Searching for "replace" gives me this: https://docs.python.org/3/search.html?q=replace&check_keywords=yes&area=default
    If you are looking for str.replace: https://docs.python.org/3/library/stdtypes.html?highlight=replace#str.replace
    If you need examples, often times you can find these on sites like: w3schools, tutorialspoint ect.
    For 3rd party libs: look for their website.
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    shadow_ray reacted to Laborant in Vulkan tutorials for C   
    Being a reasonably experienced C developer, I opted for diving into C++ with this Vulkan Tutorial (vulkan-tutorial.com).

    You will not learn how to code clean C++ code - as basically everything "Object Oriented" is left out. The whole tutorial is C-Style C++ coding with helper functions of modern C++. Yes, you can use a (void*) instead of std::any, but in my opinion it's not worth the hassle. The focus of this tutorial is mainly Vulkan, but with the Swap Chain and everything it's complicated enough 🙂
    I use the linmath.h library (developed by Khronos, LunarG and Valve, Apache license) - works like a charm and is fully compatible with CUDA (in case you need it).

    I heavily recommend the cplusplus.com reference - it's well documented and has tons of examples for its different functions.
  19. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to Nayr438 in Vulkan tutorials for C   
    I have signatures disabled and there is no reason you can't use the quote feature on the forum.
    That's not really a valid reason. The speed difference is negligible in most cases and you could actually end up producing slower code. C++ is also just as portable as C, just don't use non standard C++ libraries unless they are compatible with all your targets.
    As a Programmer who uses C and C++, and is currently porting a game engine to Vulkan on Linux, I can strongly disagree with this statement. And in places where C can be beneficial, you can drop down to C code in C++.
    I still don't see a file reference so I assume you just mean "#include" which just includes header files to be used within your current source/header file.
  20. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to Nayr438 in Vulkan tutorials for C   
    First. Please learn to use quotes. What your doing is hard to follow and doesn't notify the people you are responding to.
    Actually you didn't. There is nothing in your post as to why you explicitly need "C" and why "C++" isn't a option.
    Because what I can do in 10 lines of C++ might take 50 in C.
    There is very little to gain in going with a lower language than C++ for Game Development and a lot more room for error.
    Which include? or do you mean the pre-processor itself '#include'?
    They are basically wrappers that convert data structures from one programming language to another.
  21. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to Sauron in Vulkan tutorials for C   
    You can easily follow C++ tutorials and just adapt them to C. The glfw library is written in C so there are no compatibility barriers; the only thing you may need to change is the linear algebra library, which is not specific to Vulkan.
    Then why are you using C?
    What could you possibly be trying to make - on your own and with limited programming experience - that would require better performance than OpenGL?
    Also you should calm down. If you don't understand something or can't find a tutorial that's not a good reason to vent on a forum while asking for help.
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    shadow_ray reacted to Biohazard777 in Web scraping with python3   
    Why scrape a service that has an API?
    And if you wanna access it via Python, here is a couple:
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    shadow_ray got a reaction from Wictorian in How to read Excel in Javascript?   
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    shadow_ray reacted to Sauron in Sub-categories recommendation   
    you can use the "tags" feature to achieve the same effect without creating 1000 subforums.
  25. Agree
    shadow_ray reacted to C2dan88 in Sub-categories recommendation   
    No need for subcategories. Use the tags feature of the forum. 🤷‍♂️.
    If people set the appropriate tag for the language being discussed, you can click the tag to filter topics based on language. Probably need to make it mandatory to make it work properly. (There probably is a forum mod for this type of thing. But its not really needed here as this category is not that busy really.)
    You start adding separate categories and you'll get posts asking why has xyz not have a category?