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  1. I had been using my pc for a solid week and I tried to fix a problem with my fans and this message popped up s my ssd and hard drive are under Ata/Atapi devices but it wont boot to them
  2. ok I read the case manual and is says "The smart device connects to your pc via a single internal USB 2.0 connector" and it shows a diagram saying to plug it in to my mobo but i cant find anywhere to plug it in on my Asus Prime B450M-A/CSM.
  3. I am almost finished with my very first pc build and I just need to connect the Control hub power cable that looks like this for the fans and led strip to work and it comes from SSS.HEIC without this plugged in my pc can boot but when i plug it in to one of the sata cable connectors that I plugged into my drives it shows thisIMG_3076.HEIC even though my drives are still the same. does anyone know if there is a different place to plug this in. I am new to pc building and am very confused. Thanks