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    Tomoki-san reacted to Konrad_K in (FIXED) URGENT HELP! No audio/wifi after mobo change   
    I am not telling you need to do it, but it's a good idea to when switching the platform to a different brand. Otherwise certain features will not work and you most probably will experience instability. 
  2. Agree
    Tomoki-san got a reaction from Mister Woof in Doom Eternal   
    I just realized I'm using a bad site, so I cannot really trust those sites now.
  3. Like
    Tomoki-san reacted to Mister Woof in Doom Eternal   
    doom eternal is well optimized, and will run on even relative toasters. I wouldn't put any trust in any of these "system requirement" sites. Hell, I don't even trust the publisher's MSR's.
  4. Agree
    Tomoki-san got a reaction from Mister Woof in Far Cry 5 and Odyssey High CPU Temps   
    I highly suspect it's the hot GPU air, and the machine is on my table. 
  5. Informative
    Tomoki-san got a reaction from WereCat in Unity and Blender Performance with i7-9700K.   
    Well, I've assembled the rig last year and I'm a long time user of Intel. Especially even I were to switch from Intel to AMD, it means spending extra for a new motherboard.
    After hearing many people praising AMD for price and performance, I became convinced though.