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  1. RTX2070 Super. And yes you are right, it's not worth the upgrade. I really love my current CPU, I don't see a reason to change. I'm just asking out of curiosity. My temps are around 50, but so far didn't reach 90C. I had an Intel i7-9700K before I switched to Ryzen, and I used AIO because of its tendency to get hot at times. It's actually a lot of work assembling and dismantling the AIO, and I'm not really up to spending some money on another air cooler.
  2. I do not overclock, and having to invest in another cooler is a hassle. Will the Prism Wraith cooler suffice for a 5800X or a 5700G for big loads? I already have an 3700X. I love my current CPU with a passion, and have no plans to upgrade. Just asking out of curiosity. My rig was an Intel one before I switched to AMD. It was an i7-9700K, and I used an AIO because it can get really hot for some games. It's a lot of work having to dismantle and assemble for maintenance, and I don't feel like spending extra on an air cooler at the moment.
  3. My R7 3700X is almost one year old. My case fans and the Prism Wraith cooler are caked with dust. Regarding the CPU cooler, can I just undust it with an air compressor without having to remove it from the motherboard? And can I just clean the case fans while they are still in the PC case?
  4. I have above mentioned mobo. I would install the M.2 SSD at the slot between the cooler and GPU, but the space is too small for my hands, and I can't go through the trouble reinstalling the graphics card. If I install the SSD at the bottom slot, does it make any difference?
  5. I have replaced my former MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon with an Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570. (In case you want more specs, here you go: Ryzen 7 3700X, with MSI RTX2070 Super Gaming X Trio). The system turns on as usual, but my system is behaving a bit off. Some odd stuff that I noted so far: 1. Some programs either are unstable. (One of them is iTunes, but a reinstall fixed it. However, I cannot let down yet. Need to sniff out more corrupted programs). 2. My Corsair rgb Hubdoesn't seem to connect properly, thus my system keeps making this connect and disconnec
  6. Is this good enough? I only have this piece of bubble wrap.
  7. I live outside the US, and we don't use craiglist. I'm using a shipping company to deliver to the buyer. Looks like bubble wrap is the best bet now. If I still cannot find bubble wrap anywhere and be forced to just put the board in the box, how risky is it? I have some trash bags in my room, but I also don't know if they are safe.
  8. The buyer lives far away, so I have to deliver it.
  9. I've been to the most well-known electronic store in where I live. Tried 3 different stores, to no avail. The people there do not sell them, nor they have idea where to sell them. One old man however, suggested I use a plastic bag, which I was reluctant to do so.
  10. I'm going to sell my old X570 Gaming Pro Carbon soon. However, I realized I lost the one and only static bag that came with the mobo. For those who also lost their static bags too, what kind of alternatives did you use? I've struck a deal with a buyer, and I'll make the transaction in 3 days. I need something to bag the motherboard, otherwise I'll have to put it in a box without bagging it. I don't want to have an unhappy buyer just because of this. To make things complicated, I visited the electronics store to buy some static bags, and unfortunately they do not sell th
  11. I’m selling my old MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon and will get a new board. however, I lost the ESD bag that was packaged with the MSI board. That was the only ESD bag that I have. Tried to go to the IT store to buy them, to no avail. They don’t sell them at all. is there an alternative to ESD bags? I need something to bag my motherboard to be safe. If I cannot, then I’d have to make do without it, and just put in the box straight away.
  12. 1) Asus has better boards, and better warranty, according to my friends and research. 2) Going another brand for a change. 3) Better looking aesthetics. Ryzen 3700X, and I don't OC. It may be for future stronger CPUs.
  13. I’ll be replacing my aging MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon soon. two options on my table: 1. ROG X570-E Strix 2. ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero assuming money isn’t a problem, which one do you recommend?
  14. I'm at the point of getting a new GPU. Will a 3060 or 3060Ti be enough for a 1440hp 100Hz monitor? My target is the RTX3070, as soon as I get a couple more months of salary. Opinions are welcome.
  15. Happy New Year guys! I’m in the middle of job hunting, and I have a MSI GL65 gaming laptop. Would it be weird if I bring a RGB gaming laptop to my workplace, considering the fact the aesthetics and colored lighting draws a lot of attention?
  16. So in order to purify my SSD, the best thing to do now is still a reinstall on my system?
  17. I did as you told, and I indeed got dozens of errors. I get dozens of 'Attribute list entry with type code 30 in file (number) is corrupt." and "Attribute record (80, "") from file record segment (code) is corrupt."
  18. Hello people! I migrated my HDD to my 1TB SSD using EaseUs in my desktop this morning after my current hard disk is slowing down. It was a success, which cost some programs to go corrupted. For instance: iTunes, Steam, and Adobe programs, and I cannot even open Microsoft Store apps, as they are also "corrupted". The Microsoft Store itself won't even open anymore. As iTunes and Steam weren't too big of a deal, I just redownloaded them without any problems. Media and other documents can be opened without problems. I suspect more apps may be broken
  19. Hi everybody. I just purchased a 1TB WD SSD to replace the 1TB HDD that came with my laptop. The OS was able to recognize my SSD, so I had no trouble using EaseUS to make a clone. The problem began when I tried to go to BIOS to make it boot from the SSD. It just doesn't recognize my new SSD, only the 256GB SSD where Windows is installed. Is there a way to fix this?
  20. I got myself a new gaming laptop (MSI Leopard GL65, if anyone wants to ask), and I am not too impressed with the 256GB SSD (Windows installed there) with the 1TB hard drive. I plan to replace my HDD with a 1TB SSD this weekend, and using EaseUS Todo (or similar kind) to migrate my system from the 256GB to the 1TB. I already know how to set the boot options in the BIOS, but the question is: the system in the 256G is still there as the whole process is just cloning. How can I format the 256G so that I can use it as an extra storage? I don't want to replace my old SSD yet