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  1. Thank you, i think the Files are corrupted. I recorded another file, which I could play without problems. It is just sad, that I can’t watch them again.
  2. Trying to play the .ts file in VLC does not work. It just does nothing... Converting it via VLC does not work, too. Here again, it does nothing.
  3. Hello friends, 2 years ago the parents of a good friend participated in a german gardening show. I recorded the show with my tv, by putting a USB Stick into it and hitting record. Now two years later I can't play those files on my pc. I googled this already but no luck. It seems as if the videofiles have split into multipel others. Here's a screenshot: Maybe someone knows a solution? Thank you in advance
  4. Okay I think that helps alot. Thank you.
  5. Okay sorry guys his dad just called and said the budget is ~400€.
  6. The budget is mentioned in the original post. It is ~500€. Thank you very much.
  7. Are you able to recommend a GPU for his system?
  8. Budget (including currency): ~500€ ~400€ Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Fortnite, Warzone Other details Intel i5-7400, Nvidia Geforce 1050 Ti Hello, the son of a friend wants to upgrade his computer and wanted to know if he should uprgrade his CPU or GPU. Maybe you could give me advice an what to tell him. He's young and just wants to play some Fortnite und Warzone. Of course he is able to play the games now, but the FPS drops often and it's bugging him. I can't tell you the specs of his whole s
  9. So there is nothing I can do? Maybe buy a newer phone?
  10. I just tried if the mic and headphones work with the standard Samsung recording app and that works perfectly. It recognizes the mic of the headphones and playes the sound through the Headphones.
  11. The problem is that sound through Spotify or the normal system sounds work normaly. Just Whatsapp does not work. Because I have a wireless Arctis 1 with a USB C dongle and want to use it.
  12. Hello, recently I tried to take a Whatsapp videocall, but I could not hear my partner. He could not hear me either. My Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus rooted the Audio through the phones speaker, although the dongle of my Arctis 1 was connected with my Phone. I can't replicate the same issue with the Samsung Note 10 Plus wich belongs to my Wife. It works on her phone perfectly. I tried googling another solution, but found no answer that helped. Maybe someone can help me? Greetings from Germany
  13. You are absolutly right. I will do it like you said. I think that is the best solution for everything. I'm very grateful for your help and I think this "case" is closed. DANKESCHÖN
  14. I just saw that the Input current of the fans is 0.11 A. So 3 A / 0.11 A = 27.27 Fans?