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  1. Thats true, so will upgrading only to RTX 2060 be better then all of the other upgrades?
  2. Mostly playing Apex, Overwatch, Squad, Pubg, Warzone.
  3. I'm buying from new egg, ebay, amazon. Okay wow 32mb cache. so its a lot newer and cheaper but does it hold up in the oc world? what the max on the chip
  4. I currently have i5 6600 non k on a z170 board, gtx 1060 6gb oc version ( already overclocked to highest settings), 2 x 4gb 2400 vengance ram sticks, 240hz 1080p monitor, im only squeezing out 60 fps on highest settings and isnt smooth. im not happy with the performance. i have a 700 dollar budget for upgrades. I would like to upgrade to i5 8600k and oc to 4.8+. keep the GPU, upgrade ram to 16 gb (2 x8gb) 3200, 250 NVME ssd, new msi z370 gaming plus mobo, be quite dark rock 3 cooling fan because i will be overclocking. ive priced these upgrades at 600 bucks. worth it ? what are some things i s