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  1. Why don't we look at the similarities Achievements of each company- They were revolutionists in their own fields- Tesla with the first mass produced electric car and apple making the first smartphone ever The cost of their products- It is calculated that it costs Tesla 28,000 dollars to make a tesla model 3 while it is calculated that it costs apple 159 dollars to make a iphone 11pro max while they cost around 30,000 and 1000 dollars respectively that is a pretty big profit for apple compared to tesla. I feel like the only thing keeping tesla prices from skyr
  2. https://www.change.org/p/mojang-optimize-minecraft-for-multi-threaded-performance
  3. But Ram is essential for mc servers and clustering is good if you want ram for more players also can you recommend a clustering software for mc servers
  4. In the linus tech tips minecraft servers video linus clusters 2 pcs does doing this help a minecraft server.
  5. Are arm cpus better compared to x86 for single threaded workloads.
  6. Does the Corsair 100R ATX Mid Tower Case come with case fans
  7. What is the difference between cores and threads.
  8. is cpu encoding multi-threaded, single-threaded or does it not depend on threading
  9. I love pc part picker but they don't offer the best for custom cooling There is corsair but it is filled with as the name suggests corsair's products So is there a pcpartpicker but for custom cooling which includes almost all good manufacturers.
  10. Does anybody know a good free anti virus software
  11. Pretty crappy pc when pointer is moved around these huge pixels appear on the screen